Monday, January 5, 2009

resolution shmesolution

I know, 2 posts in one day. You may think I'm bored but I'm actually pretty busy today, but I need to get this one more thought out. I started thinking about this at the jam-packed gym this morning. Gotta love those first-monday-of-the-new-year-resolutioners at the gym. I'm sure by the end of the week or at most 2 weeks, it'll be back to normal. Ya know, open machines, parking spots, and all the familiar faces that go to the gym regularly for their health and not just Jan. 1st-10th.

I hate new years resolutions. I don't want to volunteer to feel guilty. If I was making resolutions it would be things like, lose 20 lbs. by hanging a sign on the fridge that says, "nothing tastes better than skinny", wear sun block daily, hang up a vinyl lettering sign that says, "The best things in life aren't things." to get myself to never impulse buy, give up sugar, stop lying to bums by saying I don't carry cash. Ya know, crap like that.

Instead, here's a list of things I won't do in '09.

  • I won't get regular oil changes. I'll just do it when my car needs to be vacuumed.
  • I won't go the the gym if I don't feel like it. Fortunately, I'm one of the people who has made it a daily habit, and almost look forward to that time, but if my body needs a break, I'll take it and be fine with it.
  • I won't run a marathon, and I'll probably give up 1/8 marathons too (5Ks). I hate running. And I always will.
  • I won't give up reality TV or my DVR.
  • I won't wear make-up everyday.
  • I won't forget how blessed I am to have Paul.
  • I won't give up sugar.
  • I won't stop texting in the car...I know, mom. I'll try to just do it when I'm at stop lights.
  • I won't clean the bathrooms and mop the floors once a week.
Man, that feels good!

Get ready to watch me succeed!!


Bryon said...

I don't think I could afford to have my oil changed weekly for the vacuuming it needs. It would be nice if they washed it too; then I would budget it. I'm running a few weeks behind and have yet to start my resolutions.

Bryon said...

Will you still go to breakfast with us after the 5Ks?

it's me, andrea. said... 'needs to be vacuumed' I mean like it's almost hard to push on the brake because the floor is so covered with dirt and leaves.

And yes, I'll meet you for breakfast after the 5K's. I'm not giving up unhealthy food...I might even wait at the finish line so I can enjoy some mini muffins, donuts, OJ, and bananas.

chris said...

HAha! You're great! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Love. It. Love it.

katie said...

What a great idea, you crazy half glass full kind of person. ;)