Sunday, March 1, 2009

Project 365: Week 9

February 23
I had a really successful wedding shopping day. You can't tell much from these bags and piles, but I'm loving our green and white theme. I'll take more pictures as everything starts to come together. I'm so excited!
February 24
This might be a week of wedding stuff. I'm working on a lot of the little details right now. Maybe I'm doing it backwards, but I'm having fun. This is step one of four with these flower pots. I'll keep taking pictures...probably more than you'll care to see.
February 25
Anne took me to lunch today for my birthday. Our birthdays are so close to each others that we spread out the celebrations. Look at the purse she made me!! I LOVE IT!!! Anne is the most thoughtful and creative person I know. She has so many talents. I want to be like her someday. (I'm stealing one of her creative party favor ideas for our rehearsal dinner.)
February 26
I'm experimenting with wheat grass. Not for the healthy organic nutrients, just for decoration. I'm turning my spare bedroom into a greenhouse.
February 27
Paul is moving to my apartment this weekend. I'll be heading 10 miles north and hanging with my parents for the next 3 months til the wedding. I hope the time goes by fast. We figured we'd save on rent and get him all moved and settled in so we don't have that to add to the wedding stress. I've decided that the spare bedroom can get as full and messy and packed as he wants...but I need order in the rest of my (his/our) apartment. We'll see how it goes.
February 28
Right now my 'no clutter in the rest of the apartment' rule isn't working. We'll see if all the stuff finds a place in the next few days. This is just one shot of the master bedroom. The apartment in general really isn't as bad as I thought it might be.
March 1
*Sidenote* I typed February 29 first before remembering that it's March. I was born in a leap year and when I was younger I remember wishing my mom would have waited 9 more days to have me. I thought it would be cool to only have a real birthday every 4 years. I would have turned 8 last year. Anyway, March 1st.
This is Paul getting creative with a garden arch that we bought over the weekend to use at the wedding.
*Another sidenote* This has been a busy/full/fun/stressful week, but sorry the pictures are mostly boring...I'll do better next week.


Platt Family said...

Wow! Looks like you have been very busy! But it also looks like alot of fun! Planning a wedding is so exciting! I love your Decorations you have so far!

Kylee Jane said...

So I love how much enthusiasm you are throwing into this wedding business. I can't wait to see the dress. I hope you got some good shots in Cali. Too bad about the banister....HA You guys have all the fun.