Wednesday, March 18, 2009

california hates me.

We were in California this past weekend to find a reception location. When we left to come back to Utah we didn't have anything secured, but we were feeling pretty good about a couple of leads. Now we're down to nothing. I've been on the phone and the internet for the past two hours with everyone in California except Arnold. And still nothing. It's either, too far away, not available, machines talking to me instead of people, nothing close to the type of party we're looking for, too much money, etc. (Since when is a $10,000 minimum a "Great deal!" for a small, simple open house??)
My future in-laws have a beautiful yard, but it's under construction right now. And they don't have near enough parking. It's actually quite a large driveway and garage area, just not 200+ people large. So, if they (and/or we, if we go out again) put in a lot of time, it might be ok by June to do it there. I just don't want to put that stress on them. And we'd have to hire a valet service. My next career is going to be the owner of an amazing reception center and catering service where everything is simple to understand, beautiful, delicious, and affordable.

To say I'm a little stressed and overwhelmed right now is an understatement. But look how cute we are!
Thanks to Kylee in Utah and CJ in California!


Elen said...

You guys are way cute! The pics look awesome! Good luck with everything!!!

Kylee Jane said...

love the cali pics! I hear ya on the reception center idea.'s like one night 2-3 hours....But hey, I guess you can charge whatever you want.