Sunday, March 29, 2009

Project 365: Week 13

March 23
I was sick tonight. It came on fast and didn't last long. But while I was sitting in my parents basement I noticed these glasses. They are mine that I collected when I lived in Europe. I think I wanted to get rid of them at one point a couple years ago, but now I think they're cool again. I'm glad my mom kept them. Maybe I'll see what else is mine around here...
March 24
I'd been all over Murray and Ft. Union today and was heading to Paul's (my old) apartment for dinner. I had a headache that was almost unbearable and I was way more tired than normal. Not that I'm normally tired or that there's a "normal" amount of tired, but if there is, I was way past it. My eyes had been really sensitive to the light all day and I wore sunglasses even though it was cloudy. I was almost to South Temple and I called my massage lady. (I decided I should finally do something about my mild head injury.) She happened to have a cancellation and was free in 15 minutes, I flipped around and drove back to 45th south. TOTALLY. WORTH. IT. She has magic hands. She's this corky older lady who works at this random little house turned into a salon, but wow. Her name is Ruth, you can reach her at the number in this picture.
March 25
These cooking pictures are probably getting boring, but I'm working on getting better at it so I can have a little side biz in the future. My dad had a work party and had to bring a desert. This is what I threw together for him.
March 26
This picture a day thing gets a little boring sometimes...ok, really its just that I'm boring. Tonight Paul and I went to a study group and after I remembered that I hadn't taken a picture for the day yet. I told him he could be it. Then I forgot again until about 11:30 when I was leaving to go home. So this is it. He's so sleepy. He's such a hard worker. He has so much drive to be good at what he does and he is AMAZING at what he does. I'm so blessed to have him. And I'm thankful for his desire to work hard and be a good provider.
March 27
Paul being amazing again. He spent a couple hours of his Friday night helping my mom with her homework. He's so smart.
March 28
Our weekend was really low-key. I wasn't feeling well at all and we spent most of the weekend at my parents house. This was another boring picture-less day. I took this right before he left to go home. He's a babe.
March 29
I thought Spring was here?!? It was a windy, snowy, cold day. This shed is in my parents back yard. It's so cute. I would have loved to play in here if I'd lived here as a kid. (If it wasn't filled with scary spiders.) It has however, served as a good storage unit for all my stuff for several years!
(This picture a day thing is getting boring!!!...but I'm not giving up...)

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