Sunday, March 8, 2009

Project 365: Week 10

March 2
My wedding dress came in today and my mom and I picked it up. It needs alterations still, but I love it! I'm convinced that they make wedding dresses weird so they can make more money through alterations. The top, the length and above the hips fits perfect, but my butt and thighs could be twice as big and I'd still have room to grow...don't worry, I don't plan on growing, I'm just gonna pay to have it taken in.
March 3
Paul and I "officially" started dating 6 months ago today. I'm not a 'month celebrator' but it's been a hectic few days so I wanted to do something nice for him. A card, malt balls and cookies. That's nice, right? Oh, and I made dinner too. For the first time in like, ever.
March 4
I'm such a fantastic fiance. This little package came in the mail today. One day he'll be a Seahawks steps...
March 5
Wedding planning-- I'm really enjoying the fun parts, but I'm really getting overwhelmed with the not so fun parts. I won't bore you with the stress details. But just know that Paul and I are still in love...and I like the nights when the reminder that he loves me comes with flowers. That's what this picture is.
March 6
My cousin Angela got married today. Here she is with her new husband Jordan. It was a really beautiful BIG wedding. My cousin Sara and I were talking at the reception and she asked me if I'm glad I'll be having a small wedding-- her reasons for assuming it will be small are, I only have a big extended family on one side, my fiance is from California so not a lot from his side will come to Utah, oh, and I don't have any friends. Ok, so it will be smaller than Angela's wedding...which is fine with me.
March 7
Paul and I got our engagement pictures taken today. I'm so glad it didn't snow and the sun even came out. Kylee did a GREAT job! We were running from place to place to get the perfect shots. It took 3 hours and she took 400+ pictures. I'm so excited to see them! ...This one won't be used, but it's funny. I think I was telling Paul to smile normal and be straight. He loved this little wedding outing more than any man I've ever known. It was great that he didn't complain like most men who have to pose for 3 hours!
March 8
Today at church a little boy came up to me and held out these glasses. I told him I really liked his cool glasses. Then he said, "No, they're for you! They're for your kid!" kid will be thrilled.


Cat said...

love it!!!

shauna/doug said...

Just want you to know that I am keeping up on all that is going on in your life. I love it! Auntie SL

Kristin said...

Two things:

1. I love your jacket that you wore in the photos. Seriously love it.

2. Your kid will totally love those glasses I know I do. Which reminds me of a Kobe story. He called to tell me he was going to start Kindergarten. I said thats because you are so smart! Count to ten for me. He counts 1..2...345. I told him thats only 5 what comes next and he says "I don't know thats why I'm going to school!"

3. Okay so three things.... I love you and don't forget to invite me to your wedding.

Bryon said...

Um...I think our friend contract is intact.

Platt Family said...

The glasses story made me laugh, to cute! Oh, and I love your cousins flowers at her wedding! Sounds like your wedding plans are moving forward!