Saturday, February 28, 2009

a whole lotta not much

This week has been kinda upy and downy... It's been busy, but boring...

1. I've done a lot of wedding stuff. I've found some amazing deals, but wow, money spends fast.

2. My parents have been in the Virgin Islands for a week. I'm picking them up tonight. I miss them!

3. Today is moving day. Why do we need so much stuff? Both of our leases were up this month so we decided to save a few hundred dollars and consolidate. I'm living out of a suitcase in my parents basement and Paul is living in my apartment...104 nights...go by fast, go by fast...

4. Paul and I have been eating out way too much lately. I can't even remember the beginning of last week, but I haven't cooked for at least 10 nights in a row. Wow.

5. I'm ready to be warm.

6. I'm looking forward to being a home owner. Not that it's going to happen any time soon...or in the state of Utah, but I'm looking forward to feeling really settled in somewhere, and painting, and being creative, and knowing it's mine.

7. I'm going to make brownie bites right now. I wanna try those baby ones in mini-muffin tins and see how it works.

8. I'm ready for Mexico. Spring of '06 my friend Katie and I went to Cabo San Lucas, Spring of '07 my friend Kathy and I went on a cruise to Ensanada, and Spring of '08 the same Kathy, her friend Cammie and I went on the same cruise again. My brain thinks this is a normal thing now. I guess a fiance and wedding planning is a good trade...but...a big boat, the sun, ocean and Mexico would sure be nice...

9. I got my hair done yesterday. I love that my cousin Sara does my hair. She's gonna do my hair for my wedding...we're thinking I might wear it down. Check here work out here.

10. I wish I was the investor of Spoon Me. Or that I had a never ending Spoon Me machine in my house. It's the best stuff.


MandiScandal said...

i love spoon my but i HATE their spoons. They hurt my tounge. Way too rough.

Elen said...

I love brownies!!! Hope you enjoyed yours. Mexico sounds great...I'd say we should all go on a bachelorette trip, but I'm broke, so it would be not use. I'm just excited to be going to California in June!!! I tell them at job interviews I need a couple of days off around June 20th.

Hoov said...

Umm...i love the cruise. I'm going thru withdrawals myself. I want to take another one. Its 90 degrees here today. I need a big boat and a drink. Miss you. Congrats on the marriage plans and all!