Sunday, March 22, 2009

Project 365: Week 12

March 16
This is a bad picture. But I didn't realize it til it was too late. My dad had hand surgery. Some minor thing that we Greenhalghs apparently inherit from our Northern European peeps. Anyway, I took him in for the procedure and they gave me a wrist band. I don't even think you can see it on here, but my dad's age is 59. He'll be 60 in a month. Strangely, I didn't think he seemed old. I felt old..kinda like a little pressure to make him a grandpa soon! The I realized that my grandpa will be 90 in a couple weeks. And I'll be 3o on my next birthday! (still 11 months away, whew.) -30, 60, 90- Cute!
March 17
Paul's St. Patrick's Day treat, in honor of my last year being Green. I'm excited to be a White!
March 18
I'm looking forward to saying good-night to Paul and not seeing this for 20 minutes before I can go to sleep. 86 more nights!
March 19
My creative side. I found a party mom blog that I'm trying to keep up with. (I guess not really, cuz I can't find it now.) And, I want to be a caterer and event decorator. And Costco strawberries always look way too good to not buy, but the container is way to big to not get creative.
March 20
Road trip to Logan. My younger brother Taylor is in grad school, (And he's gonna have an awesome career. He's a natural and I'm not just saying that.) Anyway, he's had a big week of crazy stuff so us and the parents went up and we all went to dinner at a great Chinese place, then games, then Aggie ice cream, then more games. (My dad was there too, but he took the picture.) We had a ton of fun and I hope it was a good distraction for Taylor for a few hours. I'm not gonna go into any detail, but I'm really proud of him.
March 21
Remember when it was weird to see people bring thier own bag to the grocery store? Now I feel weird if I don't take a reusable. Sunflower Farmers Market is my favorite place for groceries. I ALWAYS forget my reusables when I go there and it's probably the place where I see the least paper or plastic leaving the store, and today was no different. I've bought enough of these bags to fill them with gorceries for a month, but I'm forgetful! How do I remember to put them in my car??
March 22
We went to play games with Grandma and Grandpa tonight. I started doing weird things with my (apparently flexible) fingers. It started because my dad was explaining the hand surgery he'd had. Everyone one could quite get it though.


Randi said...

yay aggied ice cream!!

Anonymous said...

Keep a bag in your purse. They have those tiny span ones that should fit.

Platt Family said...

Don't you just love Aggie Ice cream! Nate has to drive once a week to Logan for work, so I make him pick a quart up every week for Sunday dinner! The best! Your family pictures of you guys always playing games always looks so fun!

Keeley said...

Andrea- I am not sure if you ordered or if you still want to, but I have a code for a $10 gift card if you want to use it. just let me know. . .

SassyMonkey said...

hi andrea,
right when you are done unpacking the groceries, run out and put the bags in the car on the front seat! It works about half the time :)