Thursday, March 19, 2009

idol crushes

I mentioned in a previous post that Paul and I have 5 shows or something like that that we love. Well, these days we're not together as late as usual at night because I'm in Bountiful and even though its close enough we haven't been watching TV or hanging at the apartment as much. And my parents don't have DVR. I know, right? (I told Paul that it's so weird watching old fashion TV.) There are some shows that we both "brought to the relationship" and decided we'd watch together but really we kinda do our own thing now. Besides 24. But this week I watched AI with him, (his show). Wow. There is some diverse talent on that show. I have a crush on Adam Lambert. But I didn't make that public until he announced that Megan Joy was his "Idol crush." Once I learned that we got to have Idol Crushes I announced mine. But then I took a second look (and listen) to Danny Gokey. Hello! How do I choose? I guess if I was actually choosing I'd go with the straight one. But here's what I decided. I get 2 crushes, here's why:

-My #1 probably won't like what I have to offer...if ya know whata mean.
-My #2 had quite a tragic thing happen just before the show so he's probably not ready.
-My #1 and #2 are from...not Utah.
-Paul's girl lives in Sandy, Utah! He could hunt her down in like 5 minutes!

He has better odds. That's all I'm saying. I think that's enough info to earn me a #2.
My #1
Paul's #1 (and only)
P.S. Colorado City called and they want their dress back. (Maybe I'm just jealous cuz she can kinda pull it off.)

My #2
If you want to see my #1 in action, check this out. It's really only like 3 or 4 minutes if you don't listen to the judges, and it's totally worth it. It will leave will feeling weird and intrigued. Also maybe a little scared. But admit it, you want to see more.


kim said...

I love it. I wouldn'at have matched you with him as your #1, but you're right, there is something about him!

Kylee Jane said...

YES. Adam is my idol love. I'm assuming the link was the to the fire song...but it didn't work. IF you haven't seen it I love the judges comments...hehehehe