Sunday, March 15, 2009

Project 365: Week 11

March 9
I love wheat grass. It's my new favorite thing. Not to juice and drink, just to look at. I could look at it all day. I took a nap last Sunday for an hour and I was right by the grass, when I woke up I swear it had grown it little. The roots are amazing, and the look of the grass is amazing. Look at the seeds on Feb. 26th here. Today it's a couple days overgrown, It only took one week to go from boring seeds to awesomeness. I'm gonna grow more, just to look at it.
March 10
I know this photo doesn't show any proof of the story I'm about to tell, but I had to take it just so I could remember what happened. Paul and I were at Trolley Square tonight and we were on our way down a flight of stairs. There was a banister down the middle and he was on one side and I was on the other. I was a step or two ahead of him and I noticed him boosting himself up on the banister to slide down. He quickly lost his balance and began to fall backwards. I tried to reach back and grab his arm but was too late. He wrapped one arm and one leg around the banister to try and make the impact a little lighter but as a result his entire body quickly swung under and his other leg flipped over the top and he kicked me in the head. It hurt so bad! So, so bad. I blacked out for a second and the grabbed the railing on the other side. I started to cry. It took a few minutes to pull out of it and get my vision back in focus, but I seem to be alright. Poor Paul felt SO bad, and he hurt his ankle bad. He's pretending it doesn't hurt because he's so sad about hurting me, but I can tell it's hurt. I think we'll both be ok. I'll let you know if we're not. I'm really glad I don't have a black eye or a missing tooth, but on the other hand I kinda wish there was SOME evidence of the pain to make the story and picture better!
March 11
A group from Wheaton College is here from Illinois for spring break. Dave, the group leader is the one who interned with Paul last summer and Katie the other girl in the picture is directing the team with him. We met her in October at the NSDC II. I love them both. Tonight they, and the other students, 11 people total took us to dinner and to Spoon Me as a thank you for picking them up from the airport last week. It was a lot of fun! (Change this to group)
March 12
I love this place. I tried for a long time over the phone once to get them to give me a tour, but they won't. I'd actually never been inside, I just love driving past it. I went in it today and bought 3 lbs. of taffy to take to California. The Whites really like it, and its the 'World's Best' right here in the SLC.
March 13
We flew to California today. The goal for this trip is to find a location for a CA reception. We don't like this place, but I love gazebos. (Our plan was to take pictures of all the places we visitied...we only took pictures of the places we don't like...oopsie.)
March 14
Our good friends Robyn and Dave got engaged this weekend! They live in CA and there was a surprise engagement party for them tonight. It was so fun to see them! And I'm so happy for them! (Left to Right: Robyn, Dave, Me, Paul, Ryan, Leanna)
March 15
My future mother-in-law is pretty creative. She took a glass bead making class a while back and has all the stuff now to do it at home. She taught me this weekend and this is my first set...not bad for a beginner!
And in other news: We're home from CA and still don't have a location out there booked. We're waiting on an email response and we're crossing our fingers... P.S. I really like California.

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