Saturday, February 21, 2009


I'm 29. This blog might be rambly and run-ony. I've been sitting here thinking how to write it and my brain is racing and I don't know why. So we'll see.

I decided I might not like birthdays. Not because of anything that happened or didn't happen, I just, I dunno.

Here was my day. Gym. This geeky shy awkward young membership checker told me "Happy Birthday Andrea!" when he scanned my card. It was kind of random and I'm sure they have some listing on the memberships and it pops up on the screen when it's your bday. Caught me off guard for a second, then it made me feel good. It's nice when you get a Happy Birthday from someone who has no reason to know its your bday. Kinda like the time I got pulled over on my bday and didn't realize the cop would figure it out with my license and when he returned to my car he said, "Slow down and have a Happy Birthday, ma'am." Me: Oh...right! Thanks!

My mom took me to lunch and then we did a little wedding stuff shopping. Oh and I bought her a pair of shoes...for my birthday. I told my dad I bought them for her as a thank you for birthing me. Then he tried to get me to buy him something because he said he did all the work in the process. He got nothin outta me. The real reason I bought them for her was because 2 Christmases ago I gave her a ticket to Celine Dion to go with me. The concert was suppose to be this past Nov. but it was rescheduled for this Sunday. My mom got a free trip from work and she leaves Sunday morning so she can't go. :( So I bought her shoes to make up for Christmas. And Paul in going to Celine with me. The Paul who I'm marrying...the one who, when he found out that last weekend at the Energy Solutions Arena they gave out earplugs at the monster truck rally asked, "Will they give out earplugs at Celine Dion??" I love her! And nothing will ruin the show for me.

Tonight Paul took me to Jordan Commons. We went to Ruby River and had some appetizers while we waited for a table at the Mayan. We ran into my friend Taft from high school, it was good to see him. Then we had dinner at Mayan and went and saw He's Just Not That Into You. Not the best movie. He kind of almost barely redeemed itself in the last 90 seconds, but overall it was sad and depressing. Maybe it woulda been a little better if I'd seen it with girlfriends, but seeing a movie like that with the man I'm about to marry just made me feel like relationships and commitment and love isn't realistic or possible...I know that it is. But that's how the movie comes across. Maybe I didn't explain that well. If you've seen it, you might agree, or disagree. Whatevs. We'd decided to keep my bday simple because we have a financial plan we're working on before we get married. And with v-day, our met-iversary, and my bday in the same week, it was a lot. But Paul still gave me a gift card to one of my fave places. And he's taking me to Cali in a couple weeks for the 7th time in less than 8 months.

Birthdays are birthdays. Everyone has one, and really, the moms maybe should be the ones who are celebrated. They did all the work. All I did was slide out and cry. So, Happy Birthday Mom, thanks for birthing me.

And thanks to all of you who called, texted, emailed, facebooked, etc. It is nice to know people remember...and/or see the facebook reminder. That's a good feature.

Ok, that's all...until next year...

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Platt Family said...

So I was off by a couple of days, when I told you Happy Birthday, I never was good at remembering anyones exact day, but I do remember the month! Either way, hope you had a great day!