Sunday, February 1, 2009

Project 365: Week 5

January 26
'Spoon Me' It's my favorite thing in the world. Mmm, mmm, mmm...especially on an evening of sitting at home watching The Bachelor and 24 with Pauly. (Although every single week I tell him that he doesn't get to watch The Bachelor with me anymore.) He bribes me with Spoon Me.
January 27
Draper, Utah Temple. The construction in complete and the open house is going on right now. This afternoon Paul and I met up with my mom and went on a tour of the newest LDS temple.
January 28
I've been cooking dinner a lot for Paul and I. I'm trying to get more creative, sometimes its good, sometimes not so much. This was yellow curry and chili pepper chicken and potatoes. Not the worst but we won't have it again. We use to watch TV while we ate dinner but we've started eating at the table and just talking about our days. It's a good way to do it.
January 29
St. George...There was a sight change of plans for the CA trip. We left a day early and stayed the first night at Paul's bosses house. I forgot to take a picture so he's me about to go to bed at just before midnight.
January 30
I got ENGAGED!!! The beach in California. (A lot more detail about this trip, and more pictures will be posted soon!!!)
January 31
This is at Paul's sister's best friends wedding in California. Me and my future in-laws... sis, hubby, dad, mom, and poppy.
February 1
Paul and his childhood/college buddies at his parents house on Superbowl Sunday.


Bryon said...

Congrats on the Engagement!

Randi said...

AHhhhh!!!! You are engaged! I love it! Let me know if you need any help with any of the plans. When is the big day? I need details, people.