Sunday, February 8, 2009

Project 365: Week 6

February 2
Paul surprised me by arranging to go to Long Beach and visit my friend Kari who just moved there. She lives and works on this boat! It was fun to see her and get the tour. What a great office and back yard!
February 3
Paul in front of the World's Largest Thermometer. Isn't he hot??
February 4
Aww...lists. This was Paul working on his part of the guest list. We've decided the guest list(s)...Rehearsal Dinner, Ceremony, UT Reception, and CA reception is the most important part. First things first!
February 5
More list making. This time my mom was hard at work.
January 6
Matt's Birthday party. Today was a good day. Dress shopping, (90% sure I found the one), Matt's party, and then dinner with Paul. This was the only event that my camera was present. Matt, Me, Paul, Sephra.
February 7
Another good/busy day. Paul and I went church hunting. I found one I LOVE. I'm about at the same percentage on the location as I am on the dress. Then, Anne, Kylee and Elen came with me to a bridal show in Provo. I got some great ideas. This is a different flower look that I really love. The we went to CPK for lunch and talked and talked and talked. They are so great!
February 8
My Grandma borrowed all this pottery from me and the deal is I get it back when she dies or I buy a house big enough to where I'd need it. (She'll probably win, but I hope it's still a long ways off.) She's had it for over a year but here's the quick story that explains why I took a picture of it today. When she got it all organized how she wanted it, she felt like it needed something more. (This was pre-red flower) I told her it needed a little splash of red. She added the flower (that I also gave her) and she loved it. Well, today I stopped by and she showed me the comics from the paper. The "Mutts" comic was a white looking scene with a lot of trees that were all white, black and light blue. One of the branches has a tiny red bird perched on it. On the ground there are two little white and black dogs and one is saying, "This place needed a little splash of red." My grandma said she laughed and thought of me.

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