Tuesday, February 10, 2009

At least we're not Andrea TEALhalgh and Paul PINK...

You know how you're planning your wedding and the groom is mostly like, "whatever...if you like it I like it." ?? And even if they have an opinion or thought you can easily sway them or lead them in your direction and trick them into thinking it was their idea?


Groom: Hey sweetie, how about we have pork chops, mashed potatoes, and corn.

Bride: Ok babe, that sounds great I'll put in the order for pork (roast) chops, mashed (baked seasoned red) potatoes, and corn (a nice vegi blend with colors that look fantastic with roast and red potatoes and make the plate a beautiful color palette of amazingness.)


Groom: How do you feel about having Carnations?

Bride: Great! And we can save a lot of money by just getting colored tissue paper and wadding it up and gluing it to the end of green sticks.

Groom: Roses or Gerber Daisies?

Bride: Awww, that's better.

(These aren't real conversations Paul and I have had, I was just using extreme examples.)

One thing though with Paul, I wasn't magic enough to sway/trick him on. Our wedding colors. Paul was so excited to share his super creative idea with me.

Paul: GREEN and WHITE!

(cricket, cricket....)

Me: Really??

Paul: Yeah, cuz Andrea Greenhalgh and Paul White!!!

Me: That's great, if green looks like shades of red, orange and yellow...

The trick didn't work, and I've given in. Our wedding colors are green and white. I've found some way awesome looks with different shades of green and I'm kind of excited about it.


Sarita Emilia said...

Green and white were my wedding colors last May (with a few moderate hints of pink) and let me just say it rocked. Snippet and Ink and Style Me Pretty have tons of great inspiration for your palette too. :)

Melanie said...

I like it!

Kelly O. said...

I LOVE IT! I feel like I say the same things in these comments, but really I love it! So since you're wearing white, is Paul gonna wear a green suit?

Elen said...

You make me laugh. I'm so excited to see what you do, it's gonna be great. You have fun ideas and awesome taste, so you can't really go wrong (unless perhaps Paul made you go with teal and pink, so I guess you lucked out.) :)

Platt Family said...

I love the the Green and White idea! I love that there are so many different and awesome green colors! What a great idea!

Heidi said...

I think green and white will look so classy and nice and unique! Way to go Paul!

Kylee Jane said...

yeah love this scheme...you guys will find some really snazzy stuff! Can't wait to see it!