Sunday, February 22, 2009

Project 365: Week 8

February 16
Our "Met-iversary." Paul and I met one year ago today. I know I swore I'd know a guy a year before I'd talk marriage or be engaged. I was 17 days off. Oh well, expect the, something. We went to dinner and bought clothes for our invitation pictures. Then watched some DVRed Bachelor and 24. I love him. (Paul, not Jason Mesnich or Jack Bauer) But Jack IS a close second.
February 17
My Grandpa's brother passed away this evening. The mortuary that Paul works for is handling the services and I happened to be with him when he got the call so I went along with him and his co-worker to the hospital. It's an interesting profession and my man is oh so good at this type of work.
February 18
I gave up fake nails a couple months ago. I kinda miss them, but this stuff is the next best thing. My mom got tricked into buying it at the mall before Christmas and she gave it to me. I pull it out every couple weeks. I also work on Paul's nails, but that's top secret. My brothers heard about it once and said if he did it again he'd have to give up his man card.
February 19
Today was a fun day. I could've taken a lot of pictures but I forgot to. Anne and I went to lunch for our birthdays. Hers was the 17th and mine is the 20th. After work my sis-in-law dropped off these BEAUTIFUL flowers. Thanks Laura and Scott! Later Paul and I went to dinner and then went shopping around for wedding ideas. Sometimes shopping with him is so much fun and sometimes not so fun. ;)
February 20
My Birthday. I haven't yet, but by the time this is posted I will have probably blogged a B-day post. Real quick- lunch and shopping with my mom, (thanks mom!) Appetizers and drinks at Ruby River, dinner at Mayan, and He's Just Not That Into You. All with Paul. (He's into me) Here is us at Mayan.
February 21
My great-uncle Paul's funeral. My fiance Paul handled the service through the mortuary he works for. He did an amazing job and all the extented-extended family who had never met him of course fell in love. This is at the grave side in Bountiful, Utah. My grandpa and his remaining siblings, Ralph, Ruth, Mark and Max.
February 22
Celine Dion. Does life get any better?? I've been waiting for this concert for 15 months! I love her. My mom was suppose to go with me, but she was given a free trip to the Virgin Islands and left this morning. Paul came with me and whether he admits it or not, he's her newest fan. It was a-mazing!


Anonymous said...

I love 365! I'm pathetic because I wait for it on Sunday nights. Happy late birthday! What a fun week!

chris said...

I thought you were the only person in the world who liked Celine. Why did they need to do it at Energy Solutions? HAH!

Mariel said...

What a cute couple you are! Weddings are so much work! Have fun! Cute blog!