Friday, May 2, 2008

For Kathy...Cruise Cheesiness.

These are the "magic poses" from our cruise that Kathy mentioned here.

Cute little Johann from South Africa asked me while I was sitting at the guitar bar if he could take some pictures of me so he could 'check his lighting' ...sure Johann. If you didn't have an adorable accent I woulda said no.

I finally felt dumb enough after 3 shots that I made Cammie and Kathy jump in with me.

Yeah, cuz these pictures are a lot less dumb.

Johann promised these were "test" pictures, and that they'd be deleted from the camera...

Instead, he printed 8x10s and displayed them proudly in the cruise ship photo gallery.

When I caught wind of this sad news I went to the gallery and told him to get rid of them...instead of destroying them he just gave em all to me. This is $175 worth of top quality cruise ship photography. Enjoy!

We actually thought this one was kinda cute, it was the next day. There were photographers and cheesy backdrops all over the boat, and somehow Johann could always find me!
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chris said...

Pretty sure that photographer had other things in mind when he followed you around snapping shots!