Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rebuttle to "bums"...the Difference Makers.

Ok, I didn't get a lot of comments about my "bums" post. But I did get a couple emails and a phone call and it's come up a couple times in random conversations with family and friends.

Here's what I've decided. Maybe I'm too nice. I really think some of the bums are real, but I'm also sure that some of the bums make more money than me...and I help 'em pass me up. My Grandpa told me he saw a thing on the news that these people all work together, they have a boss type person and they get assigned locations and they split up money at the end of the day or something. A women admitted to sometimes making over $250 a day...that's more than I make. And they caught a guy walk normal to the trunk of his car and get crutches out and then hobble across the street. But last night I saw a thing on the news about homeless teens who are born homeless and then sometimes are in and out of foster homes, back with their real parents, back to the streets, etc. It's sad. There are something like 1,000 or 10,000 homeless teens in Utah. I know that's a huge difference...and 75% were born to homeless parents...errr something, and there was a 50% of something in there too. I should pay attention if I'm gonna try and recap something. Anyway, I felt bad for these kids! So there's the delema, who's a big faker and who's legit?

I'll probably still give a few bucks away here and there, but I'm raising my standards. I'll only give money if it's below 40 degrees outside or if the bum is performing. Is "Bum" mean? Should I say "homeless" or "less fortunate" instead? Anyway, if they play guitar or the harmonica or they sing or their magic I'll drop a couple bucks. And if they're selling chiclets, I'll buy some. ...Ok, I guess I haven't really decided. It'll be case by case basis. :)

This was pretty funny though. My friend Zhenya from Ukraine has some strong opinions about bums. He found this after he read that post and emailed me the link. It made me laugh. Check it out. Thanks Z.


Bryon said...

Did you get your numbers from Mel? 25%...50%...

it's me, andrea. said...

Yeah, the Lafeens helped me out. I think there was a 25% in there somewhere too. When I heard that 25% of these kids did...drugs or something. I thought, Wow. Half. That's a lot.