Thursday, April 24, 2008

blogger gone wild!

I've had close friends tell me that I'm a little vague in my blog, but that if you read between the lines it's pretty obvious to see where I am in life. From relationships to family to religion to everyday boring stuff. But I also had a friend (Kathy) tell me, after telling her some stories about Peru, (not featured in this blog) that I need 2 blogs. A safe "family friendly" blog, and an "uncensored" blog, for people like...Kathy, I guess. The family friendly blog would feature the safe stuff, like, "I had an amazing time in Peru and met some incredible people." The uncensored blog would cover items like this, "Sara and I met this Brazilian hottie at the airport and we all went to dinner our first night in Cusco. He didn't speak much english so it was a bit awkward, but he seemed super nice and he had this adorable innocence about him. That night at the hostel he tried to kiss me (which kinda shocked me) and he was REALLY surprised that I kept saying NO! NO! when I realized he was digging in his bag for a condom. He finally looked at me and said, No?? Then I got the hell outta there."

I try to blog like no one is reading, which was some advice from a fellow blogger. But it's hard when I really try to do that and deep down I know that my mom and my former bishop visit my corner of the blogosphere from time to time. And also, some stuff is just personal, and I don't want everyone to know about it. Which, no duh, everyone has stuff like that. But I will admit, I do try to be pretty careful when I blog. I've never been a good journal keeper and I think blogging is the best I've done at journaling. So having said that, I have some things in my life that I've been dancing around lately and maybe its time I just lay it out there and let the chips fall where they may. I can't make any promises, but I've been surprised lately at how many personal emails I get from friends asking me more questions about things I blog about, so I decided that instead of sending personal email responses to people (that are often answers to the same questions from multiple people) I should just not be afraid to blog.

We'll see.


chris said...

I'm excited for the future of your blog. HAHa! I love 'Wild Andrea.' Guess what. I think wild andrea is a breath of fresh air. And I don't think WILD is the right word. You do have an amazing life and I've told you a billion times- your life would make a kick ass movie. You're what the whole world needs and what every guy wants. But it's not wild, its fun and exciting and addicting! I know...mushy. muah!!!

casey said...

Bring on the WILD.

Bryon said...

Since when do we start telling what really happens? I guess we should just assume that all of my blogs end with me going home and looking for porn on the IFC channel and then crying myself to sleep on my hugh pillow. (name the movie)