Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Fun Ship!

I'm still convinced that cruises are totally the best was to travel. All you have to worry about is getting on the boat. After that, someone else takes care of all the rest. We had PB&J delivered to our room just because we could.

The reason we went on this particular cruise was because a guy I met in Peru, and about 40 of his friends were going on it for his birthday. It was good to see Asi again and to meet all of his friends. We had some good times.

The weather was perfect the whole time. It was so relaxing! My next cruise will be a few days longer...I decided that when they had to drag me off the boat yesterday morning.

Ensenada was fun too. We ran into our tour guide from last year at La Bufadora. It was so cool to see him again. We went and had tacos and drinks with him and a few of his friends. We had talked about how cool it would be to see him again, but we really didn't think we would.

Here are a few pictures from the boat, and of us in Ensenada. I love the ocean and the sun! ...Not that snow in the middle of April bums me out at all...oh wait, yeah it does. Oh well, I'll just start counting down the days til I go to Hawaii.


chris said...

Look at you with your blonde hair, blue eyes and tan skin, and lookin' hot as ever. Those are some lucky guys on that cruise ship. And you probably rejected all of 'em didn't you. Looks like fun!

joe b. said...

U R smokin' HOT!!! Which one of these guys did you meet in Peru?

it's me, andrea. said...

Joe, the guy I met in Peru is on the left in the top left corner. And also, the second row down second picture is he and I as well.