Sunday, June 2, 2013

Addie's a year and a half! And other general kid updates.

I had Garrett with me at Addie's 18 month appointment, which I swore I'd never do a double kid appointment or take both kids when only one had an appointment by myself again, but of course I always do, and I probably always will.  But I think he was a good distraction for her.  He looked at books with her, he played on the crinkle paper with her, and at one point he even rubbed her back and said, "It's ok, Lu."  It was funny having Garrett there because 18 months is when they generally talk about introducing potty training and going to the dentist.  I just kind of smiled... Yeah ok doc, I'll get right on that...with Garrett.  Here's the thing.  I don't feel like a lazy mom, I just feel like a realistic mom who knows my kids well.  I don't want extra stress of forcing my kids to do things when I know they're not ready.  It's interesting having two so close together and having the girl be the younger one.  'They' say girls develop faster than boys and who knows how true that is, but in our case, it's mostly true.  Addie's catching up with Garrett in a lot of ways.  I love it because they do so much together now.  But it's also made me just kind of blend their ages.  They're both "about two" in my mind.  So this is how my mind works now:  I'll switch them from whole milk when she's two.  I'll schedule them both for dentist appointments when she's two.  I'll potty train them at the same time when she's two.  I'll switch them to toddler beds when she's two.  Etc.

Paul and I have been talking about potty training for a few months now, and the conversation usually ends with one of us saying, "I hate buying diapers, but I don't hate it that bad." or "If we never train them, they'll eventually just figure it out, right??" or "How big do they make diapers?" Having said that, I think we're getting close to starting Garrett. *sigh*  He goes in the potty every night before we put his pajamas on, and so far we're at a 100% success rate.  He's telling us more now that he needs to pee, but he usually already has.  And when it's #2, he says, "I go poop in the potty." But it's usually too late by the time he says that, too.    A month or so ago we put him in underwear and he did great for a day, so I was all hopeful thinking it would be so easy.  The next day? Not so much.  I asked him constantly and he always said he didn't have to go.  Then he moved from the couch and there was a big wet spot and he pointed and said, "Mom, clean up."  After that we had two trips planned so it was back to diapers.  I need to get serious about it, I'm just not super motivated yet.

We switched him to his toddler bed last night!  I swear I had days where I thought I'd be lifting my first grader out of his crib to go to school. Hah!  About a month ago he climbed out while I was in his room, like he'd done it a million times.  He was so proud of himself and he told me he wanted to show me again.  The second time he bumped his chin and he's never done it again.  He gets balanced on the top, but then calls for help because it's "too high."  I definitely have the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality with my kids.  But he's been getting his legs stuck lately and I think it'll be better converted to a toddler bed.  Last night was perfect.  He climbed in bed and fell asleep. No fights. No frustration.  And he slept 12 hours.  That's how I like milestones/transitions/growing up to go! And he's down for a nap now with no problems. I hope it stays this way.

I tried a couple months ago to get Garrett in Early Intervention for speech, but we got rejected from two places because he talks too much.  I was mostly just curious to see how much he would talk to a stranger who was trying to get him to say new things. (My brother has worked with him, but he's comfortable with him so he plays around most of the time.)  Anyway, he's doing great.  He's talking more everyday.  Like really, new words everyday.

Addie's the same.  New words everyday.  And constant babbling.  I don't remember Garrett babbling this much.  It's like she thinks she's really talking to us and that we understand it.  Every once in a while we hear a clear word.  She loves pointing things out while driving and on walks.  Car, bus, truck, boat, ball, wuff, meow, baby, we-oh-we-oh-we-oh, (that's her siren sound).

If I had to describe each kid in one sentence, Garrett's would be: He's my quiet, cautious, thoughtful sweetie, with a tender heart, and excitement for life...and a pretty funny side once he warms up to you.

Addie's would be: She's my sassy, try-anything, determined, adventurer, who loves to dance and hug and kiss...and most of the time those last couple things make her fierce side pretty enjoyable, too.

Both kids sleep great.  Garrett's still a solid sleeper.  He usually goes to be before 9:00 and sleeps until at least 9:00, usually 9:30. And then he naps for 2-3 hours.  Addie's not quite as solid and never has been.  She goes to bed at about 8:30 and usually sleeps 12 hours, but once in a while we give her a couple ounces of milk around 6:30 and she goes right back to sleep.  Her nap is always a little shorter than Garrett's, but I finally got them napping at the same time.

Whenever Paul and I are alone with just one kid, we often say, "What would it be like if we only had him/her?"  Every once in a while I have a little guilt, thinking I rushed Garrett through baby-hood.  But most of the time I feel like they'd be lost without each other.


Heidi Rogers said...

Wow, I am jealous that your toddler bed transition so far has been a piece of cake. We had ups and downs, but that was a hard transition for us. But ever since I made the "tent" to go over L's crib, he has not gotten out of it once. :)

I can see how it would be easy to kind of lump the kids together when their development seems a little closer together. We have the opposite problem sometimes, comparing A constantly to where we think we remember L being at his age. :/

Good luck when you do start potty training! I know every kid is different, but know that we had to switch tactics multiple times through the process. We did the 3-day thing and first day was hard, second day was great, then third day he refused and we had to try something else altogether. But I think when you decide you're ready, if you just stick with it you guys will do great.

Dana said...

What a sweet post, I just love it all. Such a sweet bro-sis combo. Love you guys!