Thursday, June 13, 2013

cousins and the farmers market

We had dinner last weekend with Paul's cousins and their families.  His oldest cousin, Micah, and his wife and kids have been living in Scotland for the past three years.  And it's been at least that long since we'd seen them all.  They are moving to Texas next week.  We're hoping to see them again before they go because the kids had so much fun together.  IT makes me sad that they don't have much young family around to grow up with.

Addie and this little guy are just two weeks apart.
Garrett and I started a cool whip fight after dinner.

Giving each other piggy-back rides.

Our kids and their three cousins who they'd never met before.

That same weekend, we went to Long Beach for the Farmers Market/Street Fair.  We had breakfast at Schooner or later first.  Long wait, but worth it.
Garrett's reaction when he saw his aunt who he didn't know was meeting up with us.
My SIL and I were talking on our way over to the market, about how it's likely that mermaids and aliens exist.  Mermaids because of the animal planet special, and aliens because of my plane tour in Peru over the Nazca lines.  The first booth we came to was merchandise from Peru, sold by a Peruvian who was wearing a Nazca shirt!  We spent a lot of time talking to him, and I think he made my SIL a believer.  He doesn't look too friendly, but he was really nice.  He even wrote down more sights to see in Peru, as well as his personal info so I can contact him to get set up with people in Peru to tour with if I ever go back.  I'd love to take Paul and the kids someday.
Paul and I bought succulents.  I'm really loving them right now because they're the only plant I can't kill.
My MIL wanted to buy Addie some clothes and hats, but Addie didn't want to try stuff on, so Garrett stepped in as the model.

When he was done with the girly stuff, he got to break open his own geode rock.  Really manly.

I love summer.  Longer days, warmer nights.  It's good for my soul.  And watermelon is one of the best parts!  The kids love it, too.  And a little TMI side note, I've mentioned before that both kids struggle with constipation often.  Let's just say that we can always tell in their diapers when they've had a lot of watermelon the day before!   

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