Monday, June 17, 2013

Project 365: 156-167

June 5- The beginning of my dining table and chairs makeover.
June 6- Such a sweet package in the mail form my darling friend, Dana. This was a (unnecessary but greatly appreciated) thank you gift for our help at Great Strides in SLC last month.  She knows me so well.
June 7- Fancy schmancy Lion's Club Dinner.  I find myself humming 'One of these kids is not like the others' at these events.  Picture wealthy, well-established, cigar smoking men, with fancy dressed wives by their sides.  And then picture me, courtesy laughing at jokes, while rocking my half-priced Target skirt and fake jewelry.
June 8- Yard sale finds this morning.  They don't look like much, but I'm on my way to buy more primer and spray paint.  Big plans!
June 9- These three took a dip while I worked on my chairs. And Garrett got his yearly buzz cut.  Must be Summer!
June 10-  Time to bolt our furniture to the walls to keep the kids safe during "quiet time."
June 11- I woke up with a killer headache this morning.  After unhealthy amounts of medicine and diet coke, and a lot of water, I'm convinced that the only thing that will help is my bed.  Very, very soon.  And this little ball of energy hasn't been even a tiny bit understanding.
 June 12- The end of our anniversary date.  Wouldn't have wanted to spend it with any other people.  The comments I heard from people passing by these two just about melted my heart.  Can't wait to see what the coming years have in store foe our family.
June 13- The dining table makeover is finally done.  Multi-colored chairs, and a chalkboard table with white legs.  I think I'm either going to love it or hate it.  But right now I love it.
June 14- We went to a funeral today of a man who Paul and I knew through sponsoring and helping with events at a center he managed.  He was young and died very unexpectedly.  The kids were awful.  I was so mad at them, and I spent the last half of the service outside the church giving them the evil eye.
June 15- I got all my stuff from my old phone transferred to my new one.  It's odd looking at a screen that doesn't have a big crack across it.  Also, the traditional 4 year anniversary gift is flowers/fruit.  Paul got me roses and an Apple.  Nailed it.
June 16- Happy Father's Day.  I loved reading all the Father's Day posts online today.  Such a similar trend:  "best dad ever" "awesome husband and father to our kids." "wonderful grandpa" etc.  There's a lot of really good men in the world.  And I echo everything I read today about the dads in my life, this one very much included.

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