Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Project 365: 147-155

May 27- My SIL and I spent the morning in the fabric district.  I friggin' love LA.  That yellow on the bottom is muslin, like the Aden and Anais swaddle blankets.  It was $2.50 a pound.  I think I got 6 yards for 3 dollars.
May 28- Parking lot safety.  She won't let me help her, but she always lets Garrett.  I'm usually next to Garrett, holding his other hand.  But when I shut the door and looked up to see this, I had to take a quick picture.
May 29- We had a do-nothing day.  And by 'do-nothing', I mean, two weeks worth of laundry and a lot of reading in between.  This is the first stack Garrett brought me.  And I have no idea what Addie's doing.
May 30- We call her Lulu, which has nothing to do with her real name, but we say it's short for Lu-nami.  Also, I haven't given her goldfish crackers in days, maybe weeks.  And I couldn't find a bag or container anywhere in the room.  Mystery fish/snack hoarder.
May 31- Just a typical pool party with Paul's extended family.
June 1- Harvest!  2.5 months ago these were all seeds being planted.  Gardening is so rewarding!
June 2- At the Long Beach Farmers/Street Market.  My MIL was in a spending mood, but Addie wasn't having it.  Since the kids are about the same size, Garrett stood in as a body double.
June 3- Paul worked a 12 hour shift so the kids and I went wandering around IKEA.  Garrett saw the big hot dog sign on our way out and I gave in.  two hot dogs, chips and a drink for $2.50 is easy to give into when it's 6 o'clock and you haven't thought about making dinner yet.
June 4- An evening with Cafe Rio at the beach.  Sand in my salad.  Sandy diapers.  Sand in the car seats.  So much stuff.  Ending with a trail of sand to the bathtub.  I hope I always think it's worth it, because it always is.

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