Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May in (mostly) pictures.

Every time I empty my pictures from my phone, I realize how much I don't blog about.  I'm still deciding how much I care about all the little things.  But for now, here's a few of my favorite everyday-moments from the month of May, in no particular order.

 We went to the National Day of Prayer.  There was a lot of praying for the leaders of our nation, and a lot of calling Christians to repent for speaking ill of said leaders who they may not agree with, and to also begin to pray for them regularly.  I thought of a couple dozen people I wished were there paying attention to that part.

 I helped do the food at a wedding.  It went really well and after it was done I spent a day or two really wanting to start an event decorating/party planning/catering company.  But it's not time.
We had a fiesta on Cinco de Mayo.

Mother's Day gifts for my mom.
 I made her this mini memory game.  Little 1-1/2 inch wooden tiles, some with patterned paper, some with pictures of the kids.

Picnic at the park with friends.

Monster cards Garrett and I made for our California moms and aunts.

Poppy and the kids playing while my father in law made a mothers day breakfast at the park.
 I love Poppy (Paul's Grandpa).  He brought a whole bucket of supplies and scrubbed his wife's and his mother's markers at the cemetery.  Then he read a poem to me and my MIL all about moms.  He's cute.
 The reasons I got to be celebrated on Mother's Day.
Some of their best bonding moments happen in Costco carts.
 Addie had her 18 month well-check a few days ago.  She hates everything about the doctor.  She had a growth spurt since her last check-up.  The doc even asked if I've noticed her outgrowing clothes quickly the past couple of months.  I think she weighs 26 lbs. and is 32.5 inches tall.  She jumped to the 75%ile in both. And of course her cute head hasn't changed much. (Actually went from 95th to 98th.)  There's been some concern about my nephew having a big head.  I'll spare you the details, but my brother (Will's Dad), me, and Addie were all in the room when a doctor came in to talk about William's head size, and that it may possibly be something that runs in the family.  There was a lot of laughter in the room with that team of doctors and all of us.  The Mickey Mouse stickers on the way out of her appointment saved the day.
 Garrett's friend turned two last Saturday.  We went to his Cars party, but the train table was the best part. (For G and the birthday boy anyway.)

Life is moving so fast!

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Heidi Rogers said...

Those memory tiles were really cute!

If you decide to go into event planning one day, I have no doubt you will be successful. You are great at planning parties.