Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The rest of mom and dad's visit.

Friday- It was supposed to be a rainy day, but my mom and I decided to brave it and take the kids to the Santa Ana Zoo.  We got there right as they opened, and had the whole place to ourselves for the first while and it was pretty warm and sunny.  We saw all we wanted to see, road the train, played on some toys and had a picnic.  It started to rain just as I finished loading everyone and everything in the van to head home.  Also?  I don't know if I'd call it a 'Zoo'.  It's more like Wheeler Farm in Salt Lake, plus a lot of monkeys.  But it kept everyone entertained for a couple hours.

Garrett was prepared, just in case it rained.

These two engineers love their job.  Cute little men.

 I fed that freaky looking thing from my bare hand, just so Garrett would think I was cool.

When Paul got home from work, we went to The Habit, a new burger place in Whittier.
Saturday-We headed to downtown LA to explore the fabric district.  My mom had never been, and even if you don't need fabric, it's fun to see.  And you usually find something you 'need'.  The best part of this day, was seeing my old man crush, and star of 'Storage Wars', Barry Weiss.  He's the only reason I like the show.  He's even been called 'my German husband' because we have the same last name, but his is in German. I was star-struck,  I headed over to him to tell him he's my favorite on the show and I asked for a picture.  He was super nice.  Asked about the kids and said how cute they are.  He gave Garrett a fist pump and me a hug and thanked us for watching the show.  I was so caught up in it all that I left my purse on some bolts of fabric.  Speaking of fabric, I wonder why Barry was buying fabric...but I didn't ask.  I realized I was purse-less after my mom had paid and we were about a block down the road.  Worst. Feeling. Ever.  I ran back, and thankfully it was still there, right by Barry. Aww, Barry.
Speaking of star-struck, Taylor sent this notebook for me with my parents.  He'd picked it up at Gold and Silver Pawn (Pawn Stars) in Vegas.  Taylor knows me so well. :)

We went to Philippes for lunch.  Home of the original french dip sandwich. It's good and all, but I really don't see why the place is jam packed with rows and rows of people every time we go.  I guess it's all part of the experience.
Dad made homemade chili that night and we went into the mortuary to race remote control cars.

We also made sugar cookies for mom and dad to take back through St. George to Taylor and Samira and baby Will in a little St. Paddy's package I put together.

Sunday- We planned to go to church, but Paul and I had been sharing a cold back and forth all week, and Saturday my mom unfortunately got it.  So we went to the beach instead.

The week went by too fast.  Garrett knew it was coming to an end so he milked Sunday night as long as he could.  Lots of playing... Paul made cookies in my new mixer... we waited a couple days before we participated in daylight savings...

And Monday we said good-bye.  Garrett climbed on the couch and hid his head under a blanket to try and prolong the morning, but he finally gave in and gave hugs and kisses.
Good-bye Mimi and Bapa!  We love you and miss you!


Dana said...

mmm k let's try that again.
Adorable! One of my hands was off by a letter... made me laugh. Maybe it will make you laugh too??
Love this post, as usual. Love the rain gear on G-man... want so badly to go to that fabric spot with you! And, now I'd like to watch all your reality shows with you while eating cookies that Paul made in your mixer.
Love you!

Heidi Rogers said...

My dad used to eat at Phillipe's all the time when he was a cop. I remember him taking my brother and I when we were little. That's the only time I've been, but it brings back memories. :)

That photo of Addy on your mom is soooo cute. Glad you guys had a great time!

Sarah Knight said...

I totally agree about the "zoo." I NEVER understood why they call it a zoo when it's a few monkeys and some birds. Way back in the day they used to do Elephant rides too. Who knows if they still do.