Sunday, March 10, 2013

Project 365: 62-69

March 3- We celebrated Auntie Annie's birthday with a Gnome party and we planted our garden.  Which explains these real life garden gnomes.
March 4- Mimi and Bapa are here from Utah.  We played at the park and got popsicles from the ice cream man.
March 5- My mom decided we should go see Wicked while she was here, because the show happened to be in Costa Mesa this month.  It was awesome.
March 6- We spent the day at Knott's Berry Farm.  We were there for about 6 hours.  No naps and no meltdowns!  Here are the kids waiting at the stagecoach ride.
March 7- Paul got tickets for my mom and I to go to the LA Philharmonic.  I saw a advertisement when we first moved here and thought the conductor would be fun to watch.  He's full of energy.
March 8- My mom and I took the kids to the Santa Ana Zoo.  It was supposed to be a rainy day, but we picked the perfect two hours to go.  It started raining just as I finished getting everyone and everything loaded in the car to go home.  The kids loved it.
March 9- We headed to LA so I could take my mom to the fabric district, and we ran into Barry Weiss from Storage Wars.  He's my favorite on the show and I kinda freaked out a little and had a star-struck moment...more on that when I post about the whole week.
March 10- California sun at Sunset Beach.  The kids ran to show Paul and I their shovels full of sand, and then ran (what was left of) it back down to Mimi.  I love the things that kids get excited over.

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