Saturday, March 2, 2013

Project 365: 54-61

February 23- We celebrated my birthday with Paul's family and we went over a little early to pick some fresh fruit.
February 24- Using an Applebee's gift card we got for Christmas.  Garrett looks so old in this picture.  And Paul and I decided this was the best eating out experience we've ever had with both kids.  They were well-behaved, happy, and ate their dinner.
February 25- We're getting ready to plant a garden so we spent the evening at Lowe's picking out flowers and seeds.
February 26- We have a Sprouts opening in Whittier and this was the preview night that we had passes for.  You couldn't shop yet, just a lot of free samples.  But it was fun to see a fresh, brand new, and fully stocked store.  I felt healthier just looking at all the produce.
February 27- Water colors.
February 28- We decided to buy passes to Knott's Berry Farm.  Paul and I have an ongoing joke about this place because locals (him) call it Knott's BERRY Farm.  And non-locals (me) call it Knott's Berry FARM.  Just a little fun-fact.
March 1- The kids and I planted wheat grass.  If all goes well, maybe I'll post another picture in a few days.
March 2- Hurrying the kids through Trader Joe's, Garrett stopped at the flowers and started smelling all of them.  Me: :Hurry buddy, let's go." G: "no, mom." Me: "C''mon bud." G: "Mom?...Um...Mimi a pink frowers?" ...Such a thoughtful little guy.  Mimi and Bapa will be here tomorrow.


Sarah Knight said...

Ok, not gonna lie, the Knotts BERRY Farm thing gave me a good giggle. I totally never thought of that but after saying it out loud, I realized, you're totally right! HA!

Heidi Rogers said...

That's so true about the Knott's BERRY Farm thing! :)