Friday, March 29, 2013

Project 365: 79-87

March 20- Determination.  She spent a good 10 minutes climbing in and out, tucking feet under her bum, and even putting the lid on her head a time or two.
March 21- Garrett knows how to power on, load, and start the washing machine.  We just help with the soap and setting.  He loves helping and doing things himself.  We've entered the "no, me!"/"me self, mom!" phase this month.  I caught him giving the spinning towels a thumbs-up!
March 22- A new ice cream shop just opened a couple of blocks from us.  And it was free opening night!
March 23- We had a milkshake night which I thought Garrett would be excited about.  But all he wanted was a plate of (apparently really interesting) sprinkles.  (Or as G, my one syllable wonder calls them, "prinks!")
March 24- And then, the wild child falls asleep on you, and nothing else matters.  And, for a tiny moment, you're even a little thankful for your squishy parts.
March 25- My poor neglected children.  3 out of 4 of mine and Paul's parents have birthdays in the next few weeks.  So this day was spent working on gifts, party details/planning, card making/writing.  Right after I took this picture, Garrett said, "cam down mom, play golf."  So we did.
March 26- The to-do list was long... paint friends crib, buy balloons for Poppy, Easter outfit shopping, frost cupcakes for work, laundry... and that was all planned before nap-time.  And then, this cute dude threw up all over in the van.  So it turned into a bubble bath, diet 7-up, cartoon watching day.  And this list making mama is learning to be ok with that.  (The throw up was a one-time thing, by the way.  He played, ate a lot all day, and has been his normal self since.)
March 27- Paul brought this hat home after volunteering at a hospital with an organization called 'Happy Hats'.  It's a group that takes holiday themed hats to chronically ill children who will be spending the holiday at the hospital.  The hats are made by prison inmates.  (Paul was on the news that night, melting my heart making kids smile.)  After hearing about what he saw and learning about what these sweet kids go through, my heart hurt, and I was overwhelmingly thankful for my healthy babies.
March 28- Our after dinner activity.  And we only had two casualties...eggs, not people.

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