Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring-time visit from mom and dad.

My parents got here late Sunday night (the 3rd)  for a week long visit.  It was the funnest visit we've had with them because I ignored the kids' normal schedule and we actually planned fun things to do and forgot about the fact that my life usually revolves around nap time.  Although, because of this week of fun, I think it made Addie officially eliminate one of her two daily naps.  Oh well, it was time I suppose.  And now I can try and get them napping at the same time everyday to free up more outside playtime together.

Monday- We went to our favorite fabric store in Anaheim   I haven't been since before Christmas and they all love the kids, so there were a lot of comments about how much they've grown.  The store is M&L Discount Fabric and there aren't any Americans that work there, mostly from Eastern Europe and the Middle East, I think.  They have a reputation for being mean to customers, I've heard several comments while shopping and I've read some negative reviews about customer service.  But the fabric is worth it!  The only time I get a smile from any of them is when I have my kids with me.  They love Addie.  (Or as they call her: Al-ee-sone.) One lady really likes me though, because I happened to be there the day her dad was put on hospice, and for some reason she just started crying to me about it in broken english.  I felt so sad for her, and as we were leaving, Garrett, unprompted, blew her a kiss.  She cried more and said she'll always remember that and that it meant so much to her. Her dad since passed away.  She's always nice to me.  My mom had specific stuff she needed and I just bought random stuff to add to my collection.
We went on a walk and played at the park that afternoon.
That night we went to one of our unhealthy faves, The Chicken Box.  Addie liked it!
On the way home we stopped for some summer shoes for the kids.  Garrett got the same ones as last year, just a couple sizes bigger.  Addie couldn't care less, as long as we were quick about it so she could get back to the purses and make-up.
Tuesday- My mom took the kids shopping for shorts, t-shirts, and sun dresses.  We had big plans for Wednesday, so we just hung around at home after shopping.
That night we let the men handle the kids and my mom took me to see Wicked.  I've wanted to go for a long time, but just never have.  So when she heard they were on tour here this month, she jumped online and bought tickets.  It was fantastic!
Wednesday- We spent the whole day at Knott's Berry Farm.  I told Paul I feel like Knott's is a So Cal secret.  Really cheap to get in, really fun, and really short lines at all the rides.  They have 3 hour free parking, and I didn't think the kids would last past that, but we ended up staying for 6 hours and had a great time.  My mom and/or I went on the kiddie rides that we could go on with G, and he was even brave and went a couple times all by himself on some.  He just barely reaches the red height line, so Addie still has a while before she can join him.

 He wanted to get right back on the boat when the ride was over.

 Watching the cowboy show.

This was his favorite ride.  He had all the other parents entertained with his happy, "HI!!" he'd yell every time he spun toward us.
 The 'baby blue truck' ride was a close second.

 Looking out the window at the horses on the stagecoach ride.

 Hmm...where should we go next?...

After naps for everyone we headed to Rubi's for dinner.  Another local favorite of mine and Paul's.

Thursday- We headed out on the city bus.  Garrett has wanted to ride a bus for a while.  I've told him we could go when Mimi was here, and a couple days before she got here, I'd here him in his room before/after naps chanting, "A Mimi, a bus, a YEAH!  A Mimi, a bus, a YEAH!" We rode just a couple of miles to the Whitwood mall. We played in the fountains, did a little shopping, and had a little 'mom-fail incident'.  We borrowed a Target cart to go to the back of the large Target parking lot so we could get lunch at Panda Express.  Our Target has the fancy carts that lock at a certain point so they don't get taken too far from the store.  In my defense, I had not made it to the yellow lock lines yet. Addie was in the seat, riding correctly.  Garrett was standing in the front, riding 'king-of-the-world' style.  We were cruising along when suddenly the wheels locked up.  It came as a surprise to all of us, but mostly Garrett.  Kid went all olympic gymnast on me and did a front flip, straight up in the air, stayed as flat as a board, not bending a single joint, and landed flat on his back on the asphalt.  My mom had run ahead to check the bus schedule, but she heard my scream and then his cry.  He only cried for a minute before he started screaming 'NOODLES!!"  We were almost to Panda and the kid loves him some chow mein.  I think he was just making sure that his fall didn't change our plans.  During lunch he pulled his shoe off and asked my mom to kiss his ankle.  She notices a small piece of skin scratched off, but that appeared to be the only injury.  After lunch we went back to Target to buy cool band aids and he's been fine.  Those 'how to ride properly' signs on the carts are no joke.

My mom and I took off again that night after dinner to head to the Walt Disney Concert Hall to see the LA Philharmonic.  Oh and at dinner, Garrett suddenly decided that broccoli (trees) is delicious.

I'll wrap up the weekend/rest of the visit tomorrow.


Heidi Rogers said...

What a nice visit! I was smiling at Garrett's, "A Mimi, a train, a yeah!" How cute. :) And how scary about the cart incident. I'm glad he didn't get hurt. We're coming down in a few weeks and I CAN NOT WAIT to go to Rubi's. :D

Sarah Knight said...

I love reading you blogs because you are discovering all of the things I love about home with a fresh new perspective. It makes me miss it but I enjoy reading your discoveries!