Sunday, March 31, 2013

Photo Dump: St. Paddy's, family dates, etc.

Since it's Easter and the end of the month, I figured I better cover St. Paddy's and some of March...
 Family Date Night- "Fries and Ice Cleammm!!"
Family Fun Day #? ...We've kind of slipped on Family Fun Days. (Paul's weekday off on his on-call weekend.)  "Garrett, where should we go to lunch?"  "Out-in."

"Nigh-night, Dad."
St. Patrick's Day:  Cookie Making.
I squeezed some food coloring in the milk and waffles.  But I've been sneaking spinach into so much lately, that everyone is used to green tinted food and no one even noticed.  
It was a beautiful day, so we went bird chasing at Rose Hills.

 Watching a train go by.

 I love this picture.  Both feet off the ground.  Happy face.  Pure joy.

Gifts we sent to Taylor, Samira, and Baby Will.

Dinner. (by my FIL)
I was tucking Garrett in, and he kept flipping his hand back and forth saying, "no mom, turn around"  I finally figured it out that he wanted the tiger-striped furry side of his blanket against his body.
Lulu's Toes.
Checking out his haircut while brushing his teeth.
She won't eat oranges, but she pulls them from the fridge and out of the fruit bowl and carries them around all the time.  She thinks it's a scented ball.
Helping me sew.  Always, always, 'helping'...

I saw on Pinterest that #6 plastic works the same as shrinky dink.  We happened to have a #6 to-go box in the fridge, so I tried it and it worked!  It's so cool watching it shrink.  But the permanent marker scratches off easily so not a good idea for jewelry, mostly just to scribble and have fun.

just 2 or 3 more posts and I might catch up.

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