Monday, March 11, 2013

My birthday party, Annie's birthday party, a little in between.

We celebrated at the in-laws a few days after my birthday.  It wasn't anything big, and because of Lent, I didn't eat any of that cheesecake, and Garrett blew out my candle and the kids opened my gift from Phil and Bekah.  (They got me a KitchenAid mixer.)  So aside from loving my gift, it felt more like Garrett's birthday, which was fine with me, and him.

We also picked a lot of fruit that day because Paul and I are getting into juicing and gardening.
Someone asked at Cafe Rio if these two were identical twins...

First time trying Nutella.
She's a very active sleeper!
Easily entertained kids... Garrett loves to paint!...

 Paul gave me a pancake pen for Christmas and we finally got around to trying it out.
We love warm days in February/March.  Can't beat California weather.

One evening after Addie was in bed, I was dozing off on the couch when I heard something in the kitchen.  I looked back to find Garrett had pulled the milk and the chocolate syrup out of the fridge and was digging for a cup.
Our wheat grass growing was a huge success, and we're even eating it!

For Annie's birthday, we had a gnome party and garden planting day.

I made her this board book from the kids at



Heidi Rogers said...

I love that pancake photo of the kids.

So, you should write a post about the wheatgrass. Essentially, I want you to convince me to do it too.

Sarah Knight said...

That board book you made for Annie is so cute!!! I am in love!