Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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1. I remember at church when Garrett was about a month old, saying to the mother of a one year old, "I'm just really looking forward to a full night's sleep again." She said, "I haven't had that in a year." Her mom, who was standing with us, said, "I haven't had that in almost 30 years." I guess that's something that is part of the mom deal. But I can't complain really. Addie has officially moved to her crib, and she's been sleeping great, makes me wish I'd done it a month ago. We've had about a week of 10:30PM-6:00AM. I just need to go to sleep at night when she does and I would be even better.

2. When I was in Utah my mom and I were cooking. She was using her go-to favorite wooden spoon (its actually bamboo) that she's had for a hundred years and she mentioned how much she loves it. I have the same one(s), it came in a set of 3, and they're the only ones I use. We bought them at the same time at a Pampered Chef party, not a hundred years ago, but probably 15. It's one of those kitchen items that if it broke, and I found out they were discontinued, I'd be sad. Makes me feel like I should order a few for each of us just to be safe. ...I just checked and they're still available. Phew. I find that I think this (stock up) way a lot. I'm kind of a hoarder.

3. We had visitors here a week ago, and we have more coming in a week. I love visitors for two reasons. One, I love visitors. Two, I get more stuff done around the house before they come. I always make a 'Before ________ Comes" list. And I do stuff like, organize my shoe racks, go through Garrett's closet, reorganize the diaper bags... It's usually stuff the visitors will never see or care about, but for some reason visitors get me to do the stuff that is otherwise hard to get to and always bumped to the bottom of the list.

4. Addie is finally learning to nap...knock on wood... She's been kind of a 20 or 30 minutes, here and there kind of napper. But the past few days she's done much better. I hope in continues. Garrett still takes 2 naps a day...knock on wood again... A 2 hour nap before lunch and a 1-2 hour nap after lunch and playtime. He's sleeping 10-11 hours at night too.

5. I want more craft time. I miss it. I guess if I have time to tell you what's going on on The Office, The Bachelor, Parenthood, Ellen, New Girl, and Glee, then I have time to craft. But I want uninterrupted, no-toddler-grabbing-everything-eating-glue-and-paper, craft time. Someday maybe... And since I'm wishing, I'd like a local Wood Connection, a closer Hobby Lobby, a big scrapbook store, and cheaper cricut cartridges.

And that's what's going on right now.

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Carlie Sue said...

I have a whole patch of fabric that's been calling my name to finish some project but you called it. You and I could have a very lengthy conversation about the office, parenthood, new girl, the bachelor, etc... wish you were closer for a craft night! glad your sweet little girl is sleeping well!