Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm never buying hand sanitizer again. Ever.

Ok, that's probably not true, but I wanted to make a dramatic entrance.

When we went to Utah for Christmas, my dad had a cold, and Paul had just gotten over a cold. By the end of the trip my dad, mom, Paul, Laura, me, and Garrett all had colds. When the four of us got home we did a good job at keeping it away from Addie, but we did a bad job at getting over it.

When we were all finally healthy I became slightly obsessed with keeping everything and everyone clean of germs. I've tried to limit Garrett's time in public and if I do take him places, I wipe down the entire shopping cart, and I don't let him touch things, etc. If we play at the park, I practically follow him around with wipes. And when we've gotten together with people I ask ahead of time if everyone we're going with is healthy. I did a really good job and keeping my kids healthy.

Why my sudden obsession with germs?

Garrett is scheduled for surgery this Monday, the 6th. If we still lived in Utah he would have had it last March. But because we moved we had to find a new ped, get another referral, have another consultation, and schedule the surgery here. Just to get a consultation they were 4 and a half months out, and even though I told them we had a consultation in Utah, we know what he needs, we have paper work, can't we schedule the surgery now while we're at it? The response was no, the doc had to see us in order to have us pay $40 (again) and say, yep, the Utah doctor is right, (who the doc here happens to be friends with) he needs surgery. Then the surgery schedule was booked out another 4 months. So I started this process in California last February and the earliest they could get us in for surgery was November. Right when Addie was due...and then the holidays, visitors, traveling, etc. So we scheduled it for February. The nurse told us that we needed to be careful because it was right in the middle of cold and flu season and in order to have the surgery he needed to be "completely healthy". I did a damn good job all of January doing just that, keeping him, and all of us healthy. Then yesterday morning at 3AM I heard coughing. I prayed it was just a little tickle in his throat. Then at about 6AM I heard coughing and sneezing. When I went to get him out of bed, his face was covered in snot, and he was rubbing his swollen eyes. I hoped it was just some sudden allergic reaction to the laundry soap, or the fish tank...or something!...and that as soon as we walked out of his room he'd be fine.

I spent all day yesterday wiping buckets and buckets of snot from his nose. Things just kept getting worse.

To say I'm pissed off is beyond an understatement. I know it shouldn't get to me like this, but it's been lingering over us for nearly a year and a half and I just want it done!

I told my massage lady last night that it was one of the worst days of my life. (continuing with my dramatic theme) I think I even punched my steering wheel on the way home. I felt sad for my little G man. I even started being hard on myself, blaming me for his cold because I wasn't able to nurse him for a year. I know a lot of sick breastfed babies and a lot of healthy formula fed babies, but whatever. I even cried a little bit while I was brushing my teeth last night.

So unless a freaking miracle happens in the next 24 hours, I have to call the hospital and reschedule this blasted surgery.

But I hope you all are having a fantastic day.

Oh, and did I mention that my parents are flying in tomorrow morning to watch Addie while we're at the hospital and help around the house for a few days? Yeah, they are.


Carlie Sue said...

oh man that sucks! I LIVE breath and sometimes EAT the dang sanitizer, and I know what it's like to be a crazy lady trying to keep your kid from getting sick! The doctor in the NICU told me if Max got sick he's be up at primary children's and it wouldn't be pretty. He still doesn't go to church, play groups, friends or families house if there's even a rumor of sickness. If I hear a kid cough a mile away I'm freaking out. Not a happy way to parent, or live. I am so sorry! We'll keep you in our prayers!

Jes said...

Whomp. ):