Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The gross one about Garrett's bum.

A few months ago I self-diagnosed Garrett with chronic constipation. This past Saturday, I FINALLY got a doctor to agree with me. For months now we've been told to try this, and try that, and check back in a month. Nothing worked. Nothing. Here's just a few things we've tried. Prune juice, prunes, apple juice, white grape juice, tummy massage, pear juice, warm baths, super fiber foods, fruits, vegis, Karo syrup, exercise, almond milk, soy milk, goats milk, toddler formula, soy formula... I could go on and on...

He has pellet poops and most of the time it looks painful to get out. Twice in the past 3 weeks poor Garrett had two poops that made him shake and brought him to tears. The second time it happened I was so done. We were going to the doctor that minute and I was staying until I left with something I knew would help. Conveniently enough, it happened to be on a Saturday and Paul was working. So, I called the doc, loaded both kids in the car, and headed to the clinic, 20 minutes before they closed.

We were sitting in the waiting room and he pooped again. Another bad, painful one. I didn't have the diaper bag, but fortunately they had a diaper I could have. I wanted to show the pediatrician the poop, but she said my description was enough. Whatever. Who doesn't want to look at poop?

This doctor, that we'd never met before, asked the most questions, and seemed the most interested in helping me. Or maybe she knew that I knew it was closing time, and that I was there until I was ready to leave, so she had better come up with something good.

We were about to leave with a pro biotic/miralax/apple juice combo plan, and the doc decided last minute to do a swab in his bum and hurry and test it. Garrett started laughing when he was being swabbed, which made me laugh, because ya know, I'm 12.

She tested it, and turns out Garrett has yet again something I've never heard of. Butt Strep. There's a medical term for it, but when the doc said it, I said, "What?" And she said, "you know, like Strep Throat? It's like that, but in his butt." What the ouch! She said he probably has a lot of fear associated with pooping because this infection is so painful. Poor little guy. So we immediately started a 10 day antibiotic (which has loosened him right up.) Then we'll see if the constipation returns and if it does we'll go on with the original plan.

Just another day in our crazy lives. And now you know what to try and check for if you ever find yourself in a similar situation. You're welcome.


Becks said...

Ok, I know I kind of lurk on your blog (sorry, I just love your stories!) but BUTT STREP??? That is a THING?

Becks said...

I don't know what garret's eating is like, but I find I can hide a LOT of high fiber foods in pancakes, popsicles, and smoothies, which are the only non-white foods James will reliably eat. His favorite is this smoothie, which has kefir (probiotic) and lots of berries (fiber).

Have you tried maybe taking him off gluten and seeing if that helps? (You'd have to do it for a minimum of a week, and 2 would be better). A gluten intolerance can cause chronic constipation like that.

I still can't believe you can get strep butt!