Thursday, January 19, 2012


Some of our best friends, Mara and Aron came to town this past weekend. They were here for their one year anniversary and we were so honored that they wanted to spend it with us. We had so much fun again this trip (they came last April, too).

They got to town Friday afternoon. That evening my in-laws watched the kids and the four of us went to a fun restaurant on the beach in Huntington. It was so yummy and so fun. Paul and I only try out new places when visitors come to town. We need more visitors because there are a lot of super fun local places here. We put the kids to bed as soon as we got home and the 4 of us played games until the wee hours of the morning. (I remember feeling at the end of their trip that I was really tired. I blamed it on Addie, but the truth is that she slept great while they were here, but us adults never went to bed!)

Saturday we spent the day at the Santa Monica pier. I'd never been there either and it was really pretty. Perfect weather. Good company. Beautiful views. The ocean. It was a really nice day. Saturday night we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then played more games.

Sunday was their actual anniversary, and what better way to spend it than being apart from each other, (haha). We dropped the kiddos off again and Paul and Aron went golfing for the day, and Mara and I went for pedicures and did some shopping at the Citadel outlets. Sunday night the guys barbecued for us, and of course we played more games all night.

Monday we had a skype quadruple date with the Mchenrys and the Elberts back in Utah. We planned our 2nd annual friends trip for June. So excited already! We're (kind of) keeping it close this year mainly because between the 4 couples there are 4 kids, all under two. We're going to bear lake for a few days. Can't wait.

Paul found a place to grab lunch on our way to LAX, and way too quickly, the trip was over.

We love the Riddles, and we say all the time that we're so glad they still like to hang out with us, even with all the spit-up, sticky fingers, tears, and stinky diapers.

Aron found this knife in the "guys locker room" (Paul's bathroom) and came out wearing it one morning.That's a real bird.This guy handed it to G in Santa Monica.The Santa Monica pier in the back ground.A new outfit from Auntie Mara and Uncle Aron.This isn't G's first time in the sand, but it's the first time he loved it instead of being scared of it.Go Aron!Garrett discovered something new while riding in the car. Silly kid.In case anyone is wondering, we love having friends and family come to visit. Hint, hint...