Thursday, January 12, 2012


This past Monday morning everyone was off. Garrett work up an hour early. Addie woke up twice during the time she's usually sleeping great. So of course I woke up early, but tried to not fully open my eyes and accept the fact that sleepy time was over. Paul left at 6:45 because he said he had to meet with a family in Long Beach early and traffic would be bad. I tried to get both kids to go back to sleep and nothing was working. I sat on my bed nursing Addie, thinking to myself, I want to call in sick today. I also thought, if my mom lived close today would be one of those days I'd ask her to come and just hang out all day and help me. Paul came back from his "appointment" and came to our room and told me he brought me starbucks if I wanted to come out and join him before he had to go down to work. So I did. I was complaining about the morning, and I turned to walk in the living room and my brother Scott, sister in law Laura, and my mom were sitting there. I just stood there, shocked, and didn't say anything for a minute. How is this possible?!?

Laura's mom works for Jetblue and she gave them buddy passes. Laura planned it all with Paul. My mom didn't find out till the night before. It was so awesome! It totally turned my day around. We spent the day talking, shopping, going to lunch, going on a walk, and playing at the park, we also went to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Twice! Laura introduced us to the ice blended pure chocolate. So yummy. They flew home at 8 o'clock that night. The day went fast, but it was such a fun surprise. My sister in law is so awesome and thoughtful.

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Elizabeth said...

I think miss Addie really likes being outside and at the beach from the photos you've shared on the past 2 posts!