Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 predictions, 2011 re-cap

Here's my 2011 predictions and what actually happened. As well as my 2012 predictions.

January: Paul heads to California. Mara and Aron get married and become The Riddles!!! Garrett and I join Paul in California.

I was right. Paul headed to CA. (Stay tuned for my 1 yr Californiaversary post coming soon.) Mara and Aron got married. Garrett and I headed to CA. My mom came with us and stayed a week to help me paint/unpack.

February: I feel settled into our new place. Garrett and I spend a lot of time exploring our new town. The Elberts visit us.

I was kind of right. It took me a long time to feel settled. Garrett and I did some exploring. The Elberts came to CA for my birthday weekend and we had a great time. My parents also came to CA for the weekend of Valentines to surprise me. It was awesome.

March: We buy a new bedroom set, king size. We visit Utah to see family, friends, and meet the new Baby Mchenry!!!

I was right. We got a king size bed in Utah. So we got to see lots of family and friends and baby Mchenry. I also found out I was pregnant the day before an appointment where I was going to get on birth control. And Scott and Laura came to CA to see us.

April: We have some newlyweds from Tahoe visit us. Please??? My mom and aunts come visit.

I was right. The Riddles came to visit from Tahoe. So fun. My mom and her 3 sisters came too. Garrett and I went on a surprise trip to Utah thanks to my sis-in-laws buddy pass.

May: Paul and I have a "Budget Summit" so we can stay on track to get out of debt fast, but still have a fun summer.

I was wrong. There was no budget summit. I just trust Paul with our money. We went to Wyoming to scatter Paul's Grandmas remains. We went to Utah for my grandma and grandpa's 70th wedding anniversary party, which I just realized I never posted about! I'll do it soon. We learned that Garrett needed a reshaping helmet.

June: We celebrate 2 years of marriage. We'll say we should go somewhere, but we won't because we'll be saving and planning for July and August.

I was mostly wrong. We went to Vegas for a week with my family. We celebrated our anniversary at a really nice restaurant called Summit House. The next week we went to Santa Barbara, Paul took me on a train and we stayed in a cute little bed and breakfast. Garrett got his doc band. I had a root canal. I was never so happy to see a dentist. Found out we were having a girl.

July: We take Garrett and go visit Uncle Taylor in Alaska.

I was wrong. We ran out of travel money after we payed for the doc band. We went on our first annual friends trip to Lake Tahoe. I peed my pants and spent a few hours in the hospital because I thought my water broke. Garrett started physical therapy twice a week.

August: We have the first annual vacation with our "usual" group of friends in Tahoe. We plan annual trip #2.

I was wrong. I got a lot done to be ready for 2.0 to get here. I worked on a lot of details for Garrett's first birthday party. And the 2nd annual trip STILL isn't planned.

September: Garrett turns 1!!! I go overboard and throw a fantastic party. Paul and I talk about plans to add a sibling for Garrett. Who knows what life will really be like with a 1 year old and probably still adjusting to California. But I'm guessing I'll be ready to have that conversation when Garrett is 1.

I was mostly right. We went to Utah to meet baby Elbert, but she wasn't born until we were gone. Garrett's birthday and party was awesome. I'm sure Paul and I talked about Garrett's sibling, but it wasn't so much about when it would happen, but more, "Holy crap. It's happening in 6 weeks." Garrett and I headed to Utah an the end of September for my brothers wedding.

October: We buy some furniture. Living room set, dining room set maybe. Either Paul's sister or one of my 2 single brothers get married. None of them are dating anyone right now, I just have a feeling.

I was mostly right. We bought furniture but it was for the new nursery. My brother Taylor got married!!! Paul was only in Utah for one day and Garrett and I were there for 2 weeks. It was a little much at 8 months pregnant. But it was so nice to have Grammy's help so I could rest. Paul traded my Jetta in for a mini van. I finally felt (mostly) settled in California.

November: We visit Utah for Thanksgiving. We get rid of the Jetta and buy a truck. I have a huge birthday party for Paul on 11/11/11. It will start at 7:11 and end at 11:11. And we'll serve slurpees.

I was wrong. My mom came to town. There was no party for Paul. I took him to dinner and then I got a massage, (I know, I'm so thoughtful.) We were just waiting around for the baby to get here. Addison was born on Nov. 15th. My dad and Dave came out for Thanksgiving. (my mom was already here.)

December: We have a much calmer December. We start new traditions and make memories as Garrett begins to understand the excitement and magic of the season.

I was wrong. December was anything but calm. The transition to life with 2 was busy but easier than I expected. My mom came to town for a couple days and flew home with Garrett. Paul, Addie and I drove out a couple days later to spend Christmas and New Years in Utah, and all of us got sick except Addie. Thanks, Utah.

Here are my 2012 predictions.

January: The Riddles come visit for their 1st wedding anniversary. I do spring cleaning early...I have a couple big organizing projects I'm itching to get done... We finally plan trip #2.

February: Taylor and Samira come to visit from Alaska. My mom and dad come to visit. Garrett has surgery.

March: The Elbert's come to visit. We sell our Explorer.

April: I win the lottery.

May: We hopefully go to Utah for the 2012 Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides Walk to support our friends and (Garrett's buddy) their little boy.

June: We go on our 2nd annual friends trip. We celebrate anniversary #3.

July: We go on a White family vacation. Addison learns to crawl. I introduce Garrett to the idea of peeing in the toilet. (I'm not looking forward to this chapter of life.)

August: I help my mom redo a couple rooms in her house. We go on a Greenhalgh vacation.

September: Scott and Laura announce that they are having a baby.

October: I start to feel like we're outgrowing our apartment with 2 mobile children, and we think about moving.

November: Addie turns one. I try and pull off a California party and a Utah party. We spent Thanksgiving in Utah. Taylor and Samira have a baby.

December: We spend Christmas in California. Paul's sister or my brother get engaged.

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