Wednesday, May 4, 2011

so random, I don't even know how to label it.

1. I don't think I've ever been to Burlington Coat Factory (until a few days ago). They should change the name. I didn't see one coat. But I saw A LOT of other stuff. I was pretty impressed. I bought a skirt and sunglasses. I could have bought much more.

2. I got sucked into the royal wedding. I woke up early and was glad because I forget to set my DVR. I hurried and hit record (20 minutes late), and then I sat there and watched for a half an hour before I reminded myself that it was in fact recording and I could go back to sleep. My favorite parts were Kate's dress. Wow. All the hats. I wish hats like that were awesome in America. And the view of Westminster Abbey from the ceiling. Seriously, breathtaking.3. Did you hear how fast a knockoff of Kate's dress was made?? Like 8 hours or something. And I think it's low-balling it saying they anticipate 100,000 being sold, especially for only $800.

4. Speaking of weddings, I've never referenced my "Predictions for the next year" posts during the year, but I really have to right now because I'm so amazing (at one prediction). So in January I predicted this for October of 2011. "We buy some furniture. Living room set, dining room set maybe." (ok that part will likely not happen, but here's the part I'm talking about.) "Either Paul's sister or one of my 2 single brothers get married. None of them are dating anyone right now, I just have a feeling." That's right, my younger brother Taylor, the smartest, richest of us 4, who lives in Alaska is getting married in October! He's marrying a girl who is from St. George, Utah, who manages a resort for 5 months out of the year every year in Alaska. They met, fell in love, and they are getting married in October. You're welcome.

5. Garrett had a Grandma White shopping spree. He's all set for summer and he looks so grown up in all his shorts and shirts. Little boy play cloths are so cute.6. Oh, one more about marriage. My Grandma and Grandpa Garrett are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary next week. Is that even possible?? I'll be in Utah for the big celebration. I only hope I don't make it to 70 years. Sound unromantic? If I make it, I'll be 100.

7. We bought a grill for our roof. I love summer bbq's. We also bought a slider maker. The first time I made the patties a little too small and we needed some quarter size roles, but the next time they were perfect.8. My mom and her 3 sisters came to visit. They got here on Sunday and left today. They'd been in Phoenix for a few days visiting my moms friend from Germany and they came here after. I felt like I should write a separate post for this but I only took one picture! :( So I decided to just write about it here. Sunday we barbecued and talked. Monday we went on a walk, did a puzzle, and played games. Tuesday we went to the beach (Corona del Mar) and then met Paul for dinner and the Tuesday night farmer's market at Huntington Beach. It was great being with my mom and aunts. By the time I was in my teens I was glad I had all brothers, but times like these make me wish for some sisters. At least I have good sis-in-laws!9. I made fresh squeezed tangelo juice for my mom and aunts. The fruit was fresh from Poppy's tree and it was SO YUMMY! Next year I'll be more prepared and make some to freeze. This year I caught the end of the season, but I'm glad I at least got this.10. Garrett likes pickles. Paul had cooked hamburgers one night and we had the pickles out. Garrett was not interested in eating his dinner (surprise, surprise) so I handed him a pickle so I could hurry and finish eating. He gnawed and sucked on that thing for 20 minutes. Weird kid. He'll also suck on limes and lemons at restaurants. We don't make that one a habit though because I have to watch him every second to make sure he doesn't rub his eyes. Have I mentioned that I'm really looking forward to the day when Garrett eats what we're eating? Life will be simpler. (hopefully)


Heidi said...

I can't believe you predicted your brother's wedding. That is awesome! Congrats to him!

Also, I mostly enjoy that Langdon "eats what we eat now." It's easier to prepare that food, but honestly, he only eats what we eat like half the time. So the other half I'm making him the same ol' same ol' that I know he likes.

maranoelle said...

I love that the juice turned out so well!! Love me some Poppy and his fruit picker-basket-thing.