Wednesday, May 25, 2011

doc bands, meds, and colds. in no particular order.

Paul had a cold. Then he got over it. Then Garrett got a cold. Then Paul got a cold. Then Paul got over it. Then Garrett got over it. Then I got a cold. That brings you up to date on the cold situation at our house.

I didn't take my unisom combo last night. I took Metoclopramide instead. Big mistake. Huge. My doc warned me that it could make me a little loopy. She said it was safe to take every 6 hours, but if I did, I'd want to have some help lined up because I may not function. I took it just before 9PM when Garrett was asleep. Paul and I went to bed at 11PM. I start feeling tired with unisom within about 20 minutes. I felt nothing from the Meto-blahblah. I laid in bed. Then I started singing 'For health and strength' and 'Row row row your boat'. Oh did I mention that I threw up right before I went to bed? Then I made Paul sing the 2 songs with me in rounds. Then he dosed off. I woke him up to talk about something. Honestly can't remember what. I think it was something about me being a bad wife and a bad mom. Then I noticed the light on the ceiling from the screen of Garrett's monitor. So I did a hand puppet show with the shadows. It was a dinosaur and a unicorn fighting. Then I made Paul try and guess the shadow sign language for 'I heart you'. Then he went back to sleep. At 2AM I realized I was still awake. At 3:30AM I realized I was still awake and needed to pee. So I did. I also realized it had been more than 6 hours since I took a pill. So I took a half of a unisom. Those don't wear off for about 9 hours, so I got about 3 hours left. I played brick breaker on my phone for an hour and then fell asleep. 2 hours later the men who are re-roofing our building got here. It sounds like a herd of wild elephants running around for about 10 hours a day. And that's where we're at right now. Oh and this morning? I remember singing and puppet showing. I just don't remember why I did it. I also text Paul at 8AM to see if we could go camping and he said, "Is this the meds talking?" But it's not, I really want to go camping.

We took Garrett to Cranial Technologies yesterday for a head evaluation and the first round of pictures. He's getting a helmet. Paul and I feel good about what they told us. I'll fill in more details when we go in for round 2 of pictures and get fitted, but for now, he'll probably have it in about 3 weeks and he'll wear it for 23 hours a day for the next 3.5 to 8 months. I know, right? Oh well. We saw a lot of doc band babies yesterday and they all seem to not mind the 4 ounces of plastic on their heads all day. And I talked to a lady in the elevator who had a 12 month old who was in his 5th month of doc band usage and she said he loves it and she sees tons of improvement. When its off for the 1 hour a day he wonders where it is. My only question is how does 4 ounces of plastic cost so much? Oh well, you can't put a price on a round head. Well, actually you can, and it's about $4500.00. Oh and did I mention that if he needs it for more than 4 months we have to have a second helmet made? So $4500 X2. We're waiting to hear tomorrow if our insurance covers any of this 'elective' treatment.


Heidi said...

I can't believe the helmet is "elective treatment." I effing hate health insurance right now. I hope that yours covers it and you don't have that added stress.

maranoelle said...

I'm literally belly laughing right now. Shadow puppets?? Oh, shiz. Love you.

ErinandShane said...

Stupid Health Insurance, someday Christ will come again and we won't need to deal with these selfish, money hoarding companies!

p.s. your puppet show makes me giggle, your blog is a hoot!