Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a crazy, exhausting, but pretty enjoyable weekend. We got up early saturday morning, (3:30am) and flew to Denver (Me, Paul, G, and Annie). There, we met up with Paul's parents and his Uncle Dave, Aunt Sha, and their kids, Jake and Hawkin. We drove from Denver to Albin, WY to some property my in-laws own and we scattered Phil's mom's remains and had a very informal graveside service.This land is usually covered in sunflowers. This time of year it's pokey, dead sticks.Brothers.Our family.Uncle Dave's family.

When that was over we walked to Nebraska. The end of the family property is on the Nebraska border, and because I'm a nerd and I've never been to Nebraska, I made Paul walk with me and take pictures. I also wanted Garrett to be able to say that he was in 4 different states before nap time. California, Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. Not that he cared at all, or knew. But we did it and I have proof.We made it!Just hanging out in Nebraska. Such a beautiful state, right?!Walking back to the cars.Paul and I decided we'd make really crappy pioneers. But Garrett didn't seem to mind the trek.He's so tired after his national tour.

We then headed back to Cheyenne, WY, and checked into a hotel. Everyone took naps. We went to dinner and then spent a little time at the hotel pool. We called it a night pretty early and all slept great. The next morning (Mother's Day) we met for breakfast.Garrett practicing him crawl. When he gets up to his hands and knees he only goes forward with him legs and then face plants.But when he's in army crawl mode his arms seem to work just fine. He'll get it soon enough. Maybe too soon. Now that I've seen how he can move and what he can get into without knowing how to crawl yet, he can take his time!

After check out, we went to the Sierra Trading Post outlet. Have you ever been there?? I was pretty impressed. I got shoes, 2 shirts, sun glasses, a skirt, capris, and a gift for my mom. And Paul got 2 shirts, a jacket, and a little travel bag. All for less than $200! I got $100 from Garrett (my mother-in-law) for mother's day, otherwise I probably wouldn't have got so much stuff.

From there we headed to Fort Collins, CO, and had lunch with family from Bekah's side. Her brother, his wife, their daughter Rachel and her husband Matt, and their son Brandon.Then it was back to Denver to return the rental car and catch a flight home. Saying we were exhausted is an understatement.Oh and have you ever flown in or out of Denver in the springtime? Turbulence is also an understatement. It's more like a relentless airplane earthquake. At one point I really thought one of the wings might blow off. Needless to say, my still sensitive tummy did not like it. But we made it above the wind and the flight was ok. It was the descending into Orange County that the problems really began.

So here's my not-so-proud mother's day moment. We hit some more turbulence during our descent into OC. Turns out Garrett hates turbulence too, and he made sure everyone around us knew it. I took him from Paul and tried to calm him down, but as I was trying to get him to calm down and breathe I was also trying to get myself to calm down and breathe. The closer we got to the ground, the sicker I felt. I kept saying it's ok, it's ok, to Garrett, and I was also saying it's ok, it's ok, to myself. As soon as we touched down Paul looked at me and said, "are you ok?" I think I closed my eyes and slowly shook my head, no. Garrett was still crying. I looked at Paul. He grabbed the barf bag from the seat pocket, and in just enough time he opened it and put it up to my mouth. I threw up. Garrett cried and cried and cried. And I threw up, and threw up, and threw up. That moment kind of reminded me of labor. You suddenly don't care who sees or hears what's going on, you just know there's something inside your body that has to come out. And it did. We finally pulled up to the gate, and life was ok again.

As you can imagine, I'm a little worried about our next flight, which is Thursday night to Utah. Just Garrett and me. If the same thing happens again I'm going to give the flight attendant the option, either you hold my child or you hold my hair back. I told Paul on the drive home, if I didn't have to fly again in 4 days I'd be saying that its time for a really long break from air planes. We just won't ever fly back to back like that again. 2 in 2 days is too much.

But we made it home and it was a good first Mother's Day, (all things considered). Garrett slept for 12 hours last night and I slept for almost 11. Sleep is the best gift a mother can recieve. Can I get an Amen?


maranoelle said...

your captions crack me up. please start preparing yourself for the reno flight. it's awful and i get sick every time (and don't on ANY other flight)... hahaha

Elen said...

WOW busy weekend! Looks like it was fun, though, minus the airplane ride home.