Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the kids

Garrett has learned to crawl. It's so cute watching him. It's still not consistent, or graceful is maybe a better word. But he's doing it. Often it looks like he's trying to run/crawl. He goes real fast and then belly flops. And other times he gets up on his hands and feet and stomps but doesn't go anywhere. But we're baby proofing the house this week! He opens drawers and cupboards and today I left him in the dining room while I ran down the hall to get some hangers, and when I came back he'd made his way into a closet and was trying to eat a plastic bag. There's a lot to do around here to make it baby safe! (Like clean.)

He's becoming very interactive and loves peek a boo and any sound really. He seems to get bored and we need to keep his toys rotating throughout the day. He gets stuck a lot when he's navigating around. He can't figure out why he runs into a wall, and he gets tangled up in the legs of his high chair. But for the most part he figures it out. EVERYTHING goes in his mouth. (except food) He's picky, and he wants to do it himself. If we don't watch every second while he eats, he'll find a way to grab the bowl and or spoon and try to eat on his own. It's a messy experience quite often.

But we love him.

His little sibling is doing well. Growing on schedule. Heart sounds good, etc. I've been really, really sick this time around. The doctors first remedy hasn't helped at all, so today I got a new plan. And by plan I mean prescription. For the first time in my life I had a doctor tell me that I've lost too much weight, (7 lbs.). So I'm off to pick up a new prescription as well as plain crackers, warm Snapple, and sour patch kids. I guess my diet off raw almonds, ginger ale, folic acid, unisom, and B6 isn't cutting it. (The warm Snapple and sour patch kids will go along with vegis, grilled meat, fruit and whole grains, the warm and sour is just supposed to help the healthy stuff stay down. My baby will not be made of sugar.)

I felt him/her kick for the first time two days ago. I've felt a few 'gold fish in a fish bowl' feelings for a week or so, but Sunday night I had a kick that made me stop in mid-sentence while I was talking to my brother. I love it. Feeling baby move is my favorite and (aside from the end result) the only part of pregnancy I really like. I said it. I love my kids, but I'm not one of those women who love being pregnant.

I've been asked a lot of questions about this pregnancy the past week or so. How it compares, how it's different, about names, ultrasounds, etc. Maybe I'll do a Q and A post soon.

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