Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's that time again...happenings of '10 and predictions for '11

Here is what I thought might happen in 2010:

January: Less rent, more square footage.

February: I turn 30. I'm feeling about 100% on that one.

March: We buy a new TV!!!

April: We buy cute Wood Co stuff with our extra pay checks. I love 5 friday months when I get payed on 3 of em.

May: Paul and I start ballroom dance classes.

June: Happy One Year to us. We go on a fun little anniversary trip.

July: I hear the biological clock a little louder than usual, and we start to talk about trying to grow a human in my righteous womb. We talk about the future and about moving to California.

August: We spend a lot of times in the mountains, camping, fishing, shooting guns, boating, etc.

September: I start writing a book.

October: We move...again...

November: We start "trying" to get pregnant.

December: We have a Merry Christmas. And we win a contest and get a free trip to the Bahamas or somewhere warm and beautiful.

Here is what actually happened in 2010:

January: We moved to a bigger place for less rent. I found out I was pregnant. I thought I had a miscarriage. I didn't.

February: I turned 30. Paul's family came to town to celebrate my birthday and to celebrate me being pregnant.

March: No TV yet. I had a lot of morning sickness. Tried to work everyday. Did ok til 3:00pm everyday. Slept a lot, threw up a lot.

April: We bought a new TV, and a lot of cute Wood Co stuff. A dresser, changing table, crib, high chair, book shelf, buffet table. All the baby furniture wasn't part of my '09 wood co predictions.

May: We found out our little munchkin was a boy, and we picked his name and kept it a secret for the next 4 months. Oh, and there was no dancing.

June: We went to St. George for our anniversary. It was a free trip because the first half was business for Paul. It was a nice little last getaway before baby. A 'babymoon' some may say, but I refuse to call it that. Maybe next year we'll go somewhere a little more exotic, but I was too hot and tired to plan.

July: 3rd trimester exhaustion set it. I quit my job. I finished arranging and decorating the nursery. Looking back, I had way too much free time, but I really enjoyed all the little details of preparing, even though babies don't know the difference. We went to California twice this month. Once in early July, for fun. And once in late July, because Paul had to do a funeral out there. I went with him just so I could go to his mom's chiropractor. That's how good he is, and that's how bad my back was hurting. But the 10 hour drive each way when you're 7 weeks from having a baby kinda canceled out the adjustment.

August: Stayed home a lot. Napped a lot. Did a lot of projects. Watched a lot of TV. Nothing outdoors, except walks in our neighborhood.

September: Baby was born.

October: October is kind of a blur. The new mom thing was exhausting, and overwhelming, and October was full of that. But I loved it. Taylor came to visit from Alaska to meet his new nephew.

November: Still learning the mom thing. I suppose I'll say that every month for the rest of my life... Paul turned 25. We had a fun party. Kept falling more in love with my baby. Went to California for Thanksgiving. I worked a couple days at Wood Co to help out with the busy season. We decided it's time to move to California. And no, there was no trying to get pregnant in November. It's crazy that we really kind of planned to start that process in November. Little did I know, we'd have a 2 month old by then.

December: Spent just about every waking moment with the Elberts, Riddle (and soon to be Riddle), and the Mchenrys. Celebrated Christmas, didn't feel much like Christmas because the move was consuming me. Hired movers, they packed, loaded and are driving our stuff to California as we speak...or as I type.

And here is what I'm predicting for 2011:

January: Paul heads to California. Mara and Aron get married and become The Riddles!!! Garrett and I join Paul in California.

February: I feel settled into our new place. Garrett and I spend a lot of time exploring our new town. The Elberts visit us.

March: We buy a new bedroom set, king size. We visit Utah to see family, friends, and meet the new Baby Mchenry!!!

April: We have some newlyweds from Tahoe visit us. Please??? My mom and aunts come visit.

May: Paul and I have a "Budget Summit" so we can stay on track to get out of debt fast, but still have a fun summer.

June: We celebrate 2 years of marriage. We'll say we should go somewhere, but we won't because we'll be saving and planning for July and August.

July: We take Garrett and go visit Uncle Taylor in Alaska.

August: We have the first annual vacation with our "usual" group of friends in Tahoe. We plan annual trip #2.

September: Garrett turns 1!!! I go overboard and throw a fantastic party. Paul and I talk about plans to add a sibling for Garrett. Who knows what life will really be like with a 1 year old and probably still adjusting to California. But I'm guessing I'll be ready to have that conversation when Garrett is 1.

October: We buy some furniture. Living room set, dining room set maybe. Either Paul's sister or one of my 2 single brothers get married. None of them are dating anyone right now, I just have a feeling.

November: We visit Utah for Thanksgiving. We get rid of the Jetta and buy a truck. I have a huge birthday party for Paul on 11/11/11. It will start at 7:11 and end at 11:11. And we'll serve slurpees.

December: We have a much calmer December. We start new traditions and make memories as Garrett begins to understand the excitement and magic of the season.

**I'm anticipating many more visits to Utah and visitors to California than I predicted. Please feel free to become one of my "What actually happened in 2011's" that I'll write about in 2012.

Happy New Year! May your days be merry and bright, and may all your resolutions be easy and stress free.

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maranoelle said...

AH!! You WILL be getting visits from these newlyweds! And we WILL go see Ellen. Count on it.