Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where is February?

***Disclaimer*** I have a lot to be thankful for and I could make a list probably bigger than this one of blessings and amazing people who help me through little stresses, but this post is not that.

Even though February is the shortest month of the year it usually feels like the longest for me. But this year I'm ready for it. I've been in a January rut...

1. I started up laser treatments again. I was starting to feel ok about my skin a couple months ago, but now the pain, itchiness, dark blotchy color and peeling is back. I hate it and I just want even toned nice skin. When will it end??

2. This on again off again cold has got to go. I've been sniffy and sore throaty for 3 weeks. I wish it would just hit me hard and move on, or just move on.

3. I'm mad that I hurt my back. It's a total inconvenience. And even though the constant pain is gone, I've been having a little numbness and headaches. I don't think it's gonna fix itself. And just to add to my pity party, I have no problem getting a massage, everyday would be great, but when I'm in the middle of laser treatments massages just can't happen.

4. Cramps.

5. Broken dishes, job stress, burned out tail light, check engine light, sleepless nights, Joelle not getting voted off the biggest loser, One Way streets that go the wrong way, lost spare car key, burned banana bread that sticks to the pan. All those totally unimportant, pretty easy things to deal with that add up and make me feel like my world is crashing down.

And then, the light at the end of the tunnel. Paul is amazing. So is his dad. In their conversations over the past couple weeks, I think my stress and overwhelmness has no doubt come up. So, on Jan. 30th Paul's dad is flying us out to California for a long weekend. We'll be there from friday night til monday night. We get to be there for a wedding of one of Paul's childhood friends, and Super Bowl sunday. And to do nothing but nothing. Aww.... So, we fly out in January and back in February. Hopefully it will be a good turning point for my attitude problem.


kim said...

Feb is almost here! You'll be fine!

chris said...

I love your venting posts.