Sunday, January 18, 2009

Project 365: Week 3

January 12
Paul and I try to not be "TV" people. BUT, we have 5 shows right now. The Bachelor, (mine) 24, (ours) American Idol, (his) The Biggest Loser, (mine) The Office, (ours). We watched 5 hours tonight! But just cuz we had 2 days of 24 to catch up on and the 2 hour Bachelor. Oh, and we actually did it in just under 4 hours. Gotta love that DVR!
January 13
I've never been good with plants. A plant guy at the farmer's market who I once explained my luck to, said his best advise was to buy silk plants. :( I didn't give up. I've still killed a few since then, but I'm doing much better. This morning was the day I trim, pull out dead leaves, and mist with water. They always look so fresh and happy. I really love plants.
January 14
We had chinese delivered cuz after working all day, and a hurt back we didn't wanna cook. I was mildly offended by this. Mine was the top one and Paul's was the bottom. He tried to make me feel better by saying they were both for both of us...I thought we should just trade. Oh well, the food was good, and I didn't exercise today.
January 15
Tepanyaki Japanese Steakhouse. Robbie and Angie, Tera and Mario. They took Paul and I there for dinner and then to a movie. It was a much needed night out and so fun!
January 16
I had an appointment in Bountiful so I ran over to see Grandma and Grandpa. Paul had to work late, so I spent the rest of the evening with my mom. I love family.
January 17
One of our favorite couples here in Utah, Garry and Lynn, are moving home to Canada. We helped them load the truck. Kinda bittersweet to see them go...
January 18
Elizabeth, Laura, Me, Neally. At a bridal shower for my cousin Angela. (We also had Dave's birthday dinner but this picture was a cuter one. All the guys stayed back at mom and dads to watch football while the girls went to the shower.)

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