Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spring Cleaning in January

So, I predicted a marriage in June and my blogger friend Kelly informed me that my May prediction of cleaning and consolidating might be unrealistic. I think she's right... So I suddenly got this burst of energy that's lasted for a week! I hope it keeps going. I've cleaned out my spare bedroom that barely had carpet showing because of all the Christmas decor, blankets, junk, pans that didn't fit in the kitchen...anything and everything that I wanted to hide. Now it's completely clean and in order and all set up to be a scrapbook room/office. I love it. (I shoulda taken a before picture, it was bad.)
The Christmas stuff is all packed away and in order and stored in my space in the basement of my building.

Next I did closets. I have 3. First I did warm weather clothes, cold weather clothes, and all the random in between stuff. I have one closet left of pants, dresses, and skirts.

I have a list of things still to do.

-scarves and hats
-jewelry (which I started)
-shoes (done)
-storage bins under the bed (which I started)

I still feel way motivated so that's good.

The DI pile is now in the trunk and back seat of my car and I'm feeling much better.

I'm kind of obsessed about it. I get up early and I stay up late. I'm even doing other little organization things like deleting phone numbers from my phone of people I don't remember and deleting duplicate pictures and organizing albums so I can start printing photos. It's great.

Do it. Get rid of some stuff. Just start with one little project. It's so refreshing.

-Ok, so this post has been in the works for a couple days and last night I was pulling bins in and out from under my bed. Lifting, pulling, pushing, sliding. I was trying to hurry because Paul was on his way over and I was cooking dinner. Anyway, something happened to my back. I felt it pull but it wasn't bad. By the time Paul got here I couldn't stand up. He had to finish dinner, bring me food, clean up. And by the end of the night I was comfortable, warm, and all drugged up. He's a great care taker. He helped with...a lot of things! This morning I'm unfortunately not much better. I'm debating between a doctor or a massage. But I'm alone and really don't have the energy to do much other than lay on a hot rice bag and take pills...I can't wait for Paul to get off work...


Bryon said...

It just so happens I work for a Neurosurgeon; if you want a "head of the line pass" I can work it out: either MRI, Appointment (sorry no drugs).

Randi said...

Well you know.... I AM a massage therapist...

I'm sorry about your back but excited about your cleaning. You may be surprised but when the moment is right I LOVE organizing and de-junking. It is kinda therapudic.

I love you.

it's me, andrea. said...

I want drugs.

Bryon said...

don't we all?

Melanie said...

Before I read about your back, I was going to see if you wanted to come over and organize my house. Guess not. What if I offer you drugs. We found a stash of my grandma's. Either way, we need to do lunch next week!

katie l. said...

Oh sad! Get better and good job on the list!