Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!...but I'm still on Christmas...

California Christmas...the quick version.

We were in California from Dec. 23-29. It was a lot of fun. Here's a few highlights...

1. Paul's mom gave us all PJs on Christmas eve, and a lot of fun presents on Christmas day.
2. It rained on Christmas day. I was really hoping for a sunny Christmas, but the rest of the time was sunny so it was ok.

3. Paul took me to BIOLA to see where he went to school.
4. A lot of California transplants who live in Utah now were home for Christmas so Paul's dad cooked us an amazing lunch. Some of the Cali's have moved back home so it was good to see everyone. Oh, and Dave Crazy was there from IL too, so fun!
5. Paul's dad is an amazing cook. I felt like all he did was cook, put out a huge spread of food, we'd eat and eat and eat, clean up, and start all over again...for a week. good.

6. We spent 2 evenings working on a quilt for Richard. He works at the family Mortuary and he really wanted a quilt. Paul's mom is a big time quilter so the first night we worked on the top, the nice looking blue and white side. On the second night we got to make the back of the quilt and we got to each do a square however we wanted. Those are the black ones with colorful designs. I loved it, it was fun!...I want one. (Richard is the guy in the bottom right picture.)
7. On sunday afternoon Paul took me to the beach. It was so nice! No one was there and it was so relaxing. Most of these are Paul's pictures...I'm not a fan of some...but he likes 'em...and maybe he reads this... I love him. We're so cute together! ;)
I love Paul's family. I feel so comfortable with them. So even though I missed my family, I was still with family. They made Christmas really great. We didn't do a ton on this trip, but it was still full of fun and so relaxing. Merry Christmas! And New Years fun is on the way. I'm excited for '09... I think it'll be good.


chris said...

You are busy these days! Looking great!

katie l. said...

You are beautiful! What a lucky man!