Friday, July 25, 2008

Pioneer children sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked...

...aaaaand walked.

That was one of the most boring songs from Primary. But it's one of the few things I remember about Pioneer Day. For years, when I was really, really young, like from ages 4-22, I wasn't sure which ones were pioneers and which ones were pilgrims. Oh well. I still got fireworks and turkey sometime every year so does it really matter?
Ok, enough about that. Yesterday was a good day. Lot's of fun stuff. Anne made a big group of us dinner. Delicious. Then we walked down to the park for fireworks. Mandy's mom lives right by the park so she goes early and marks off the best spot and then we all show up a few minutes before and have the perfect view of the explosive awesomeness. This year was SO GOOD! I generally don't get too overjoyed about fireworks, I go cuz that's what you do. But this year, awe-some. These pictures don't do it justice, but it was fantastic!
I hadn't seen a lot of these guys in quite a while, so it was good to catch up. I love people. After the fireworks we went back to Anne's for desert and a few of our own fireworks. And of course, Braden and I did a little of our yearly death defying stunts. Firework Jumping. Gotta keep the troops entertained. (Say that in Micheal Scott's voice when he builds a wall with boxes of paper and pretends like he's going to the warehouse.)

My picture is the only one that looks successful, but I promise Braden did it too.

So...Happy Pioneer Day. (The Mormons) In my defense, the pilgrims and the pioneers were both seeking an escape from religious you can see how I was easily confused. ;)


joe b. said...

Awesome pictures of the fireworks! And I love the firework jumping, you're gonna kill yourself one of these days.

jake said...

Looks like fun. Your pretty popular with the fellas, eh? We missed you at the Bbq, what is it so I know for next time, a month in advance to book you?? lol/

Jen said...

You're so cute Andrea. Let's do lunch soon! :-)

Jes said...

I miss Anne and her amazing cooking! I also missed not having to work on July 24th. I didn't even get holiday pay! I know, insane.