Friday, July 11, 2008

I have pretty eyes.

I'm finally coming to grips with it. I get an overly abundant amount of compliments on my eyes. Sometimes its awkward, like when I meet new people and I'll be shaking hands with a group and one will say, "beautiful eyes" and I'll quietly say "thank you" but someone else heard it and wants to see so then I have to turn back to someone I already met so they can see and then everyone looks at me and agrees, even if they don't think I do, it's the new hot topic of the moment so they give into the pressure and agree. It happens other lame places too. Like the gym while I'm running and out of breath, so the complimenter gets a strained, thaaksss. Or the dentist when I have a mouth full of tools and as drool is running down my cheek I try and force out a, hank who.

So anyway, today I was doing my make up and thought, maybe I'm missing something here cuz I think they're pretty normal blues eyes. But then I thought of when me and my last boyfriend of two years decided to break up because we were both too awesome and we didn't want all of our other couple friends to be jealous, so we took one for the team. It was kind of that type of realization...everyone else knew, it just took me a while to see.

So then I thought, maybe that's why I have that freakish fear of things going in my eye or seeing other people scratch the corner of their eye or put contacts in or something...makes me wanna throw up. But maybe, deep down I know I have those stunning, traffic stopping kind of eyes and so that fear is because I never wanna harm my best feature!!

Then I thought, man I really do wanna keep these beauties safe and full of color so maybe I should wear safety goggles on a regular basis, just as a precaution. But then people wouldn't see my eyes and they'd just think I was some chick who was always on her way to weld something.

Ohh the struggles!!


chris said...

Yeah you Do!!!!

Kristin said...

Your vanity is astonishing. At least people aren't saying "hey you... you got a purdy mouth."

it's me, andrea. said...

Oh just wait for it, my 'million dollar smile' post is coming next week! ;)

Anonymous said...

omg i agree your eyes are gorgeous! I wish my eyes were as pretty and blue as yours, quick question do they often change color? make sure they never turn brown!