Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vegas in a nutshell

Kristin and I went on a whirlwind trip to Vegas last week. She had a job interview and I was along for the ride. (a free ride that her company payed for) We were only there for a couple days and we were totally lame the whole time, here are a couple high(and low)lights. And a few things the only Kristin will think is funny.

1. All we did was sleep, shop and eat. That is the order of importance. We didn't even make it to the strip and we didn't gamble.

2. Speaking of shopping. We went to the outlets and I didn't spend much money...until the very end. This vendor attacked me with this wraparound skirt/shirt/dress thing. She just started wrapping me up and making me look beautiful. Long story short- I spent $100 on two of these things that made me the hottest chick ever, and now I can't figure out how to wear it. Here is how I justify the purchase. They claim you can wear it 100 ways and I bought 2, so that's 200 outfits for $100 dollars. 50 cents and outfit is not bad...if only I knew how to put it on.

3. A couple other funny/awkward shopping things. Kristin cried because she didn't have enough cash for all the dresses she wanted so she had to choose. I made her sit on a bench outside the store and think about which one she wanted more. I felt like a mom telling my child that she had to choose between two treats and it was just too overwhelming, so a mini-meltdown followed.

4. Speaking of children. The day we got there I accidentally took my pillow with me when we went to check into the hotel. I got sick of holding it so I put it in my shirt...this could be a really long story, but I'll keep it short. Let's just say there are 2 women who work at The Texas Station in Vegas who are REALLY excited about my little baby boy who is due on June 25th...I know...I'm horrible...I got caught up in the moment!

5. Back to shopping. We found this cute little clothing store but they didn't have a dressing room. We wanted to try stuff on so we just tried it on over our clothes. Kristin got a little too excited about it and was taking a dress off and accidentally took her shirt all the way off with the dress right in the middle of the store...oopsie.

6. We think a campaign guy was following us the whole time. I promise, we'd drive down a road and moments later the same road would be covered with signs. It was weird.

7. I got myself in the middle of a road rage incident on the way home. It was between a male driver and a young female driver. I wasn't involved in the beginning, but the man was a huge jerk and the girl was crying. So I decided to squeeze myself into the mix as more of a distraction to the guy to give the girl a break. Kristin was freaking out cuz she thought I'd wreck her car. I wasn't worried. And I helped the girl out. 48 miles later, the girl was fine and left alone, the man was totally pissed off at me and finally gave up, and I was 48 miles closer to being home. Win, win...win.

Funny things that are only funny to me and Kristin.

"Where do you wanna eat?...I see a Wiener Schnitzel..." (Kristin)

"Did you girls know that this is the casino floor?" (Some overly helpful man on the elevator)

"Do you think I can park right there, where it says, No Parking?" (Andrea)

"My biological bomb it ticking." (Kristin)

"Leave me alone, I'm eating for two!" (Andrea)

"Hey look Andrea, there's someone who is actually pregnant." (Kristin)


joe b. said...

Oh look at you, you fake mom-to-be. I guess what happens in vegas stays in Vegas!!! But You have some explaining to do.

chris said...

Never a dull moment with you. How did your friend do at th interview?

Jes said...

I love that you made up a due date. That's hilarity.

Kristin said...

Her friend.. me... got the job! Here I come Vegas!