Sunday, June 1, 2008


A. ATTACHED OR SINGLE? Single. Might be open to attachments.
B: BEST FRIENDS? More than my share. The bestest have come into my life in the past year and I hope they stay for a bajillion more.
C: CAKE OR PIE? Cake. Not a fan of cooked fruit. But my Auntie makes a chocolate pie that would rock your face off.
D: DAY OF CHOICE? I dunno. There's not a day that's always the best. Usually its between Thursday and Sunday.
E: ESSENTIAL ITEMS? Unfortunately, probably my phone.
F: FAVORITE COLORS? red and purple
H: HOMETOWN? Roy is my hometown. The SLC is the grownup home I picked, and now I say I'm from here. But I'm up for changes for sure...but not back to Roy. Maybe out of Utah.
I: FAVORITE INDULGENCE? Diet Coke with a lime over crushed ice while lying on the beach in the cancerous sun for hours and hours. (There are others, but that one sounds good right now.)
J: JANUARY OR JULY? July. Who chooses January?
K: KIDS? love 'em. Hopefully I'll get some of my own someday.
L: LIFE ISN'T COMPLETE WITHOUT...good people, good laughs, and moments that take your breath away.
M: MARRIAGE DATE? Who knows. Hopefully sometime warm...or I guess we could have a destination wedding in Hawaii any time of year. And hopefully before 2020.
N: NUMBER OF BROTHERS AND SISTERS? three brothers and on thursday a sister-in-law
O: ORANGES OR APPLES? I like em both, but I don't eat either much.
P: PEOPLE YOU SAW TODAY: Paul, Erik, Deb, Greg, Kristin, Tiffany, Tom, Sara.
Q: QUOTE? "If your heart never hurt then how would you know it was even there?"
R: REASONS TO SMILE? warm weather, good people, crushed ice.
S: SUPERMAN OR WONDER WOMAN? It depends. Am I being one of 'em or being with one of 'em?? You figure it out.
T: TIME YOU USUALLY WAKE UP? between 6:45 and 7:45
U: UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME? I like the smell of glass plus and foam paint brushes.
V: VEGETABLE? zucchini
W: WORST HABIT? procrastinating and sometimes I'm too sarcastic.
X: X-RAY OR ULTRASOUND? depends on if I'm broken or pregnant.
Y: YOUR FAVORITE FOOD? can crushed ice count as a food??
Z: ZODIAC SIGN? pisces


whattherandi said...

ok. I am here. At andrew's house. You HAVE to come. Andrew is wonderful and so nice and funny. I dont think he is that shy. And his parents are halarious. His farm is beautiful. You really got to get your bum out here. And you have to come ASAP. The longer you wait, the colder it will be. Although it is not that cold. So get your butt on a plane and come!!!!! You will love it!!

ron said...

Really, ready for attachments? I thought for sure you would remain cold-hearted and continue to shut even the nicest men out of your lonely life.

it's me, andrea. said...

Ron you're a huge jerk. I may be cold hearted, but I'm NOT lonely...I have a fish to keep me company.