Thursday, June 19, 2014

Father's Day

On Saturday night I realized that I would be the only non-dad adult for Father's Day. We celebrated early with Paul's family because his mom and sis are gone this week. But I still wanted to do something since his dad was home alone.

So I went to the store saturday night to figure something out for dinner. We had Tomato Basil Soup and fresh baked bread, jell-o and cherries, a (gourmet- if I do say so myself) salad bar, complete with several dressing options, lots of toppings, and applesauce barbecue chicken and sweet chili glaze chicken, and hummus with pita and rice crackers. It all tasted so fresh and yummy. 
The kids painted mini flower pots for dad, Bapa an poppy. I think they turned out really cute!
It was a nice low-key evening with the kids and three generations of dads. 
Addie's my little wild child, and I love every bit of her. But she's also got this gentle, caring, concerned side, too. I love this picture below because it captures Addie's patients and attempts to comfort her crying sister, instead of just sticking the binky back in. I often hear her 'checking' on Charlie. "Do you need a blanket?" "Are you tired?" And then her little two-year-old sarcasm kicks in, "Do you want to eat some pancakes?...just kidding! You don't got some teef!" And she reports to me often, "Charlie's cold mom." "Charlie's okay mom." 

Charlie now grabs and pulls on things. She was getting frustrated here because her binky kept popping out and she wasn't realizing that it was her pulling it out. 
Bapa got her laughing. She's come really close a few times, but this was official baby laughs. I'm so glad that all these little milestones stay so fun and exciting even on the third child. 

I'm so thankful for these four and that our littles love their daddy so much. 

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